By Clumsy & Forgetful - 27/11/2011 06:02 - Canada

Today, I found out why I'm always let off easy when I do something wrong at work. They think I have a mental handicap. I don't. I'm just clumsy and forgetful. FML
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I don't know about you, but that sounds like a free pass to do whatever the **** you want and get away with it.

Most special people don't actually know they're special...


I don't know about you, but that sounds like a free pass to do whatever the **** you want and get away with it.

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Ditto, A lot of people view people who are mentally handicapped as sub-human. I really don't think that it would be worth it to let everyone else think that your challenged just to get away with stuff.

15- The only useful handicap I've ever seen was when Chad Ochocinco got a head start for a race against a horse.

23- I think their entire point was that this isn't something to joke about. I must also apologize for comment under this thread. Mental retardation should not be something that is dealt with in a joking manner.

24 - I disagree, laughing about it in an insultig manner should be discouraged but using humour to approach it every now and then I believe is healthy, after all they are still people and seperating them from people by saying "Oh no you cant have a laugh with them" because of something they have no control over is just making it worse for them, everyone has little things that should be approached with humour, like I have red hair and I encourage people making jokes about it, insulting someone is completely different. Or making jokes directly at them in an insulting way is horrible.

So a person with a mental handicap would be having a laugh if they saw you saying being mentally retarded is an excuse to do whatever the **** you want? That's what we were getting at. You can dye your hair another color, but someone with a mental disability cannot just change their mindset.

You know what. **** arguing. I'm doing nothing but denying myself. While I dislike the thought of it I will still laugh every time at the South Park episode about Tourette Syndrome. My head is going to explode at the hypocrisy going on inside it.

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I think your comment is excellent! Free pass all the way!!

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People joke about everything if it's not you it's someone else you can pretty much laugh about anything if it's with the right crowd. I'm not saying its right but it's the truth.

It's like the family gut episode petarted. He hits somebody with a car: "sorry retarded". "oh, thats okay then!"

It sound so sad, that they dont really think your 100% perfectly fine, but as you said no one would dare to hurt to feelings ! That great!

You are *** Your feelings** (just because some people do nothing interesting in life but correcting others..)

Clumsy and forgetful? Sounds like a handicap to me.

Jesus, I would bet anything that the people fighting for 'Don't make fun of the handicapped' has never encountered one ever and you just want to make yourselves feel good because you're defending them.

Reminds me of that Seinfled when George acts like he can't walk and rides around on a power chair.

75- Actually, I know two mentally retarded people well enough to understand that they don't choose their condition. Also, "never encountered one ever" would mean I've never seen one before. I still am in high school, and there are a size able amount of mentally handicapped people attending the school. Damn, shut the **** up.

86- Encountered means seeing someone face-to-face. I see a lot at my school too and you know what, so what? They sure don't see it as a disorder, they think they're just like everyone else. And they are, they just need help. But if someone says a joke based on a disability and it's funny, I'm gonna' ******* laugh because I've got a sense of humor.

91- Hence me pointing out my hypocrisy. I know my thought process was incorrect, and that we should just laugh along with everything else. Also you're forgetting my first sentence. I said two specifically because I do know them individually. What I'm trying to get at with that is that they don't choose what they're like, but whatever I'm going to stop talking.

Are you mentally handicapped because you are taking the joke waaay too personally

So do. He was not high functioning but he would always laugh when people made fun of him. He doesn't see himself as handicap. Not all mentally handicap get offended so stfu before I slap you.

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85- Reminds me of that episode of reality where most Americans act like they can't walk, just so that they can use power scooters.

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Shooting license during work? I'd kill for that...

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And yet in the tread above you said joking about mental handicaps is wrong. hypocrite

mrredkneck 2

And in a tread below you joke about it. once again hypocrite

You are a serious hypocrite storyoftheyear. Nobody likes hypocrites!

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And a tread below below you. You hypocrite

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I remember when all of your comments were funny... What the hell happened SOTY?

Can't be funny all the time. Ain't got an excuse.

Haha, reminds me when in highshool, I literally have a reputation for being an idiot at school. It's more of a win-lose suitation though.. Who wants to be classified mentally-handicapped when they aren't?

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Who wants to be classified as mentally handicapped in general?

Most special people don't actually know they're special...

My mommy tells me every day that I'm special. Are you saying she's lying????

Nope, I'm sure mommy loves you very much, and don't listen to what those mean bullies say about special people.

No 53, you my friend are very special...

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MissSpaceUnicorn 5

The truth shall out so they say! So don't say anything as you may out yourself from the company!

It's an intelligent comment for once. But everyone thumbs it down......

20- Not an intelligent comment. Critical words seem to be missing. It makes no sense.

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*translation of #6 for those who need help* In the end, the truth always comes out. If you want to take advantage of this position (OP), you should keep your mouth shut. There were no "critical words" missing. People just seem to need everything spelled out for them these days -_-

It's just worded in a retarded way but I don't think it has any grammatical errors.

Yes, the English language is dying, Apparently if I don't add lmao, lol or :p, nobody knows what I'm saying!

I would say it was phrased in an old fashioned, slightly shakespearian way. And there was definitely no crucial words missing.

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You can get away with anything! Consider it a gift-and you still get payed!

Better than being written up and fired. Stop doing things wrong and they will think you turned genius!

You sound like Kevin from The Office... " He is NOT an idiot, he is mentally challenged".

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Being forgetful is a mental handicap, and clumsiness is a combined mental and physical handicap. They may catch on that your handicaps are not severe enough to excuse your constant screw-ups, so I'd advise you to start pre-emptively drooling, rocking, and humming to yourself.

Well for ***** sake don't tell them you're not.

Alright, calm down. No need for profanity.

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well we are all so ******* sorry for ******* cussin' ! I guess **** we're all **** shit ******' assholes . shit tit dick piss **** ASSS typing this instantly made me think of the turrets(sp?) guy on YouTube, or the kings speech .

This picture just makes me laugh every time I see it.

33- says the one who wishes to discuss random women's breasts