By stupidgov - 13/09/2014 11:03 - Italy

Today, I'm precisely one month away from graduating with a degree in translation for the sole purpose of becoming a state-authorised translator. Today, I also discovered that my government has just decided to abandon the concept of authorisation for translators. FML
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I wrote this - just in an FML mood. I'm the OP, and this is precisely the point. I already did some translation (mostly unpaid, but was getting experience) before I started this degree. Translators without this authorisation can also get work, but that takes more experience. I figured with the degree I would actually get paid for doing what was otherwise my hobby. Now any motivation to finish writing my thesis seems to have disappeared.

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At least you you can tell them " **** you," in more than one language now!

So the government made you waste your whole education good job government


At least you you can tell them " **** you," in more than one language now!

So the government made you waste your whole education good job government

They should pay OP's tuition if OP decides to go to college again.

He could get a job in another country. Translation costs a **** tonne of money. OP could rake it in if they played it clever. For example in the EU. All those meetings and treaties need to be translated, which costs a fortune.

A good translator means GOLD in the Intellectual Property field... one door was closed, but now you may see dozens of other opportunities, OP.

Agreed, but I can also see a lot of people and places preferring someone who has the degree anyway.

I'll probably end up in the EU anyway. Though that really only takes the equivalent of *three* years of study, not five. I already did an internship there, and I'm not against moving. I am against wasting my time, though. I have a very strong dislike for studying if I don't have to.

look into a non-government funded firm, or even becoming an independent contractor.

At least now you know multiple languages, it should open you up to a lot of different jobs. Stay positive!

I agree. There are a ton of careers you can pursue with that degree.

Honestly that has to suck to work so hard for something then have this happen. Sorry OP

I agree. This fml is horrible! It would be extremely frustrating and depressing to feel like you accomplished all those years of work for nothing. OP could definitely get a job in another country, but leaving your friends and family may be really difficult. I agree with the other commenter saying to try working for a private firm or even being a consultant. Hope it works out for you OP!

Whatever happens, keep studying and see that you graduate. Your government may not care about the level of proficiency of translators, but most companies sure will. You never know what that degree may be good for.

Even if it's not a requirement anymore, you'll still have an advantage getting a job over someone who doesn't have the 'qualification.' Education is never a waste!

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I was about to say. Depending on the language, OP could be of value over seas or even the military.