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Today, I yet again had to explain to my boyfriend how sleeping with another person is cheating. It's been three days, and almost as many fights. He still doesn't get it. FML
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If its happened before why are you still with him? Your an idiot, leave him already !!

I would be curious to know what HIS definition of cheating is.


If its happened before why are you still with him? Your an idiot, leave him already !!

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yeah that's what I was thinking YDI

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Are you stupid? Why should you give a shit? Men are the ones allowed to cheat

you actually believe that he doesn't get it? he's taking advantage of the fact that he keeps getting away with it by acting dumb! leave him!

It doesn't say he actually cheated, just that she had to explain cheating to him.

OP is the true moron. Obviously he understands, he's just been cheating and is too dumb to try and cover it up other than playing like he doesn't know. OP, you two deserve each other. Idiots.

I think he knows it's cheating he is just acting dumb so he can keep doing it and not feel guilty

The same goes for you too. You should have said "others'", not "other's".

you didn't leave him when he didn't get it after day 1 why??

@134.. What exactly were you attempting to articulate? Lol or what message were trying to get across I guess is what I should say lol

It's not that he's cheating multiple times, OP is just saying that they had to EXPLAIN again that sleeping with another person is cheating. It doesn't necessarily mean that he did, although it's likely.

Yes!!! You know what, OP? The only constant is you.

to be fair: it says explain, doesn't say he has. it says sleeping, not having sex with (possibility that it's referring to sleeping in same bed. actually encountered that from an ex) having sex with someone else isn't cheating (to my and my girlfriends mind, and quite a lot of people) if it's agreed about beforehand. if you have an open relationship, it's not cheating. (it might be to you, doesn't mean it isn't to others, if it is for you: good for you. other people have a different opinion.) so where is the FML? there's not enough info here

I would be curious to know what HIS definition of cheating is.

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I'm curious too. I've heard couples having different views on what's considered cheating as far as- Checking another person out to talking/flirting with someone else but never sleeping with them. What is cheating to him, if it's not sex with someone other than you?

he probably sees it as having a relationship with or loving another person at the same time

exactly why would you OP it doesnt make sense unless ur a complete idiot

I understand why she did, I've gone through the same thing with my boyfriend. We were together for 3 years when he admitted to cheating on me twice. I didn't leave him right away because I loved him and thought he was sincere in his apology and able to change. But then I caught him doing it a third time. You can imagine how hard it is leaving someone that you love, and how much you want to believe that it's not over yet, that they can change. So you believe them.... it's a vicious cycle that's hard to break. The guy keeps cheating and you keep forgiving. It doesn't pertain directly to the FML but I get why it's hard to "just leave" when you discover that your partner has cheated on you. ANYWAY, I just broke up with my boyfriend yesterday so I wanted share.

so if i sleep with my sister dont do nothing im cheating......

I guess he ment sleeping as 'being asleep' in one bed.

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OP are you ******' retarded? you actually believe this is an FML and actually believe he doesn't know what's wrong with it? he's playin stupid but apparently so are you YDI

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I don't say it often, but if you're looking to a decent, stable, loving, monogamous relationship, you should dump him.

It's not cheating if you rub peanut butter on your balls and let your dog lick it off... because it's your dog!

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Sounds like OP needs to go on a "Roadtrip".

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I must be psychic or something because as soon as I saw that it screamed "I've been single wayyyyy to long" at me.