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Today, my boyfriend blamed me for his affair, because apparently I "should have made it clear to him" not to have sex with other people. FML
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dcarney7 8

Make it clear to him not to have sex with you

I would have punched him so hard that it would have knocked a few brain cells loose. Perhaps they would have fallen into place because he's clearly not operating on a logical scale.


sammyjanette 17

I hope that you edit your comment because writing first is just too silly and sad. As for OP your hopefully ex boyfriend did you a huge favor! Now you no longer have to deal with him, and you can go find someone who doesn't need to be told not to have sex with other people.

What kind of perverse pleasure did you obtain from typing that response and receiving negative votes?

dcarney7 8

Make it clear to him not to have sex with you

I wonder what other common logical things OP has had to point out to her now (hopefully!) ex-boyfriend. He's dumber than a pile of rocks.

If someone actually has to tell their partner not to have sex with other people, they probably should rethink their relationship.

plot twist: op is the other woman ( ˘˘̯)

I hope you kicked his ass to the curb. if you have to tell your bf to not have sex with someone else them

Yea. People just make assumptions about being in relationships. Part of official bf/gf title is discussing boundaries and expectations.

I'd take it a step further and say get out.

Okay let's calm down on the plot twist jokes please

Enough with the "plot twist" comments!!! There really is no need for it, Ops' life is not a murder/mystery/whodunit, fiction, paperback novel. Nor a theatrical production of some kind that requires a "plot twist" to be evident in the script so the actors know how to perform.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

That plot twist bull shit just started didn't it? Literally just today? Man, for one day it sure is annoying as all hell. Plot twist this, plot twist that.. Plot twist! This shit is ******* dumb, and so are the people who say it.

I've only said it twice! you're welcome to thumb me down coz I'm gonna thumb myself down now

CallMeMcFeelii 13

It's nothing personal, 88. Believe me that's not the case, I speak for only myself when I say it's one of the dumbest new little trends that I really, really hope doesn't take off. I read that phrase like 6 times already today. 5 times too many, in my opinion, but again, nothing against you as a commenter, 88.

This is where the "I hit it first." comments come in. Unless you didn't, that would be awkward.

I would have punched him so hard that it would have knocked a few brain cells loose. Perhaps they would have fallen into place because he's clearly not operating on a logical scale.

Unfortunately I don't think he has any brain cells to knock loose, Welshite.

Or maybe he's such a dumbass that he thought Op would believe him. In either case, he's not using his brain cells.

Why is everyone quick to blame the boy friend. We don't know how long they have been dating. If its only been couple of weeks then how would he know the relationship was exclusive?

I sincerely hope that isn't a serious question, golden_warri0r.

Fair enough! I was just trying to make an argument for him because I already knew the majority comments will be to crucify him.

Just a possibility here, maybe this was the boyfriend's first serious and committed type of relationship and he didn't understand what that type of relationship details. Of course, it is obvious to most people and would not absolve the boyfriend from being idiotic. Then again there is another possibility. The boyfriend is actually more of a friend with benefits kind of deal, but OP thought there was more to their relationship than there really was. These possibilities are more improbable than the boyfriend just being an idiotic asshatted moose.

Golden_Warrior has a point. If they have only been out a few times, he might think they are just fooling around and not exclusive. It wouldn't be the first time a woman has assumed there is more to the relationship than the guy did. That being said, he still sounds like a douche. :P

Yeah. Or maybe the boyfriend is into polygamy, and thought the girlfriend was too. Just a possibility. You shouldn't be so quick to rule these things out.

36 golden_warrior does have a valid point. Is he really her boyfriend or are they just dating? It kind of sounds like the "boyfriend" didn't know they were to be exclusive. I still feel bad for the OP nonetheless because apparently she didn't know they were at different commitment levels.

All I was trying to say is that we shouldn't jump the gauntlet and crucify him. For some the relationship is exclusive when both parties agree to go on a date. While others, the relationship doesn't become exclusive until a month has been passed. All I'm saying is that we shouldn't judge him until we know the longevity of their relationship.

Well, golden_warrior, you kind of have a point but I don't get this thing about being told to be exclusive. Either OP's "boyfriend" wants to be exclusive or doesn't and it needed to be discussed together. Not one person just ordering the other one to not have sex with others.

Op used the word boyfriend - her guy may not have. Some people go on one date and think they are boyfriend/girlfriend. Some don't think of themselves as exclusive until they talk about it and decide that's where they want to be. You could argue that if he cared about her, he wouldn't sleep with anyone else no matter what their official status is, and you're right! But maybe he doesn't think of op as his girlfriend, just some chick he's having fun with. However, the excuse of "you should have told me we were exclusive" is bullshit. He is implying that their relationship status is purely based on op deciding where they are and telling him. He should have made his feelings clear if he wasn't into the relationship.

perdix 29

Ignorance is 9/10 of the law. How long have you been dating? It seems like he wasn't clear that you two were exclusive. A kick to the nuts should put the question to rest, though.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

I thought they didnt consider ignorance at all when it came to the law?

life_sucks225 13

It wasn't an affair, it was cheating. OP just wanted it to sound more dramatic so she could get more sympathy. (boyfriend, not husband)

perdix 29

#61, I just did a mash-up of two little sayings to try to help out my brony.

Perdix, I usually agree with your comments, but that "ignorance is 9/10 of the law" is BS. Any judge will tell you flat out that ignorance is NOT an excuse. That being said, I know too many people (male and female) in friends with benefits relationships to give this one a YDI or FML. It's clear OP was under the assumption it was a monogamous relationship though, so yeah, she should kick him the nuts then to the curb.

addioty 19

83, what would she have had said instead? It seems logical to say that. I would give her sympathy anyways - being cheated on is not fun.

I could see that he was joking. It's just a BS statement, joke or otherwise. I wasn't trying to bash him at all. Perdix's comment usually crack me up or make me rethink the situation.

You only have to do one thing to make it clear to him.

Being in a committed relationship means you can't cheat on your SO? Shit, next you'll be telling me that having a job means I have to pay my own bills. What foolishness!

You would still have to pay your own bills even if you don't have a job. How? I'm not sure

Perhaps by changing your name to Stephanie and moonlighting as an escort? ;)

There are a lot of people on here, I've seen, that think that they are in exclusive relationships when they clearly aren't. People have different ideas if relationships, so make it clear at the start, save yourself the trouble, and don't always assume shit.

Why are you jacking this thread? Can you not see we are having a serious discussion on alternative methods to pay your bills, lol.

Hopefully the words "**** you, arsehole" will be clear enough for him.

I love British citizens. They make asshole sound sexy by saying arse, lol.

I just experimented with saying aloud "**** you asshole" and then "**** you arsehole" as a comparison. Got an odd look from my husband.

He must really not be cut out for being in a relationship then ... Sorry OP, no one deserves that.

I'm sure at least a couple people in the world deserve that.. and worse.