By datingamoron - 14/02/2011 07:14 - United States

Today, I went out for pizza with my boyfriend. He loaned me his debit card and loudly announced in front of everyone that his pin code was the numerical equivalent of "Fart", and repeated it twice, just in case I hadn't heard. FML
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why would he announce his pin number out loud...

skyeyez9 24

At least his "fart" paid for dinner.


why would he announce his pin number out loud...

ur bf is a dumbass unless he was sayn tht as a joke to embarrass you in which case its still FYL

therealdavid 0

How I read it was he only shouted "Fart".

FunnyGuy5051 7

why would she re say it online?

firecapez 4

Because, we don't know who she is, let alone who her boyfriend is.

dudeitsdanny 9

Amoron Her name says she's dating Amoron. We find Amoron, we've got his money. There can't be that many Amorons, right? I'll search Spokane and Yakima.. You guys split up the rest of Washington. We WILL find Amoron. Okay, I'm done.

Bubblerider 3

wow, are you that stupid? she knows!

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ahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaa this made my night

Hahahahahah 65 and 66! I totally didn't even notice that 66

Ekhm... what EXACTLY did he repeat twice? ]:->

Read between the lines or think more in the Family Guy way ;)

... I guueesss, that's something to be proud of...

Sounds like you've got a real keeper there. Good luck with that.

skyeyez9 24

At least his "fart" paid for dinner.

I bet your boyfriend thinks that no one is smart enough to decipher his pin code just from the word fart.

NOTaVirginMojito 18

How tf is it 3278? Wouldn’t it be 6, 1, 17, 19?

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xavier1623 4

Little did OP's boyfriend know, he wasnt as smart nor quiet as his parents told him he was..