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  SuparSerial  |  0

I actually think 'the guy sitting in front of her' is the same guy, but later in the FML she doesn't call him "the guy she likes" anymore, because she finds out about his masturbation problem.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

She likes the gangbang potential. Two guys, one with a masturbation problem.. One who knows about it... And a girl wanting some action.

If OP was a guy, this would be the set-up for a gay porn. Except now i don't wanna watch......

By  jonny2x4  |  0

The guy you like talks to you about another guy's masturbation problem? Sounds like you're going to be stuck in "friend" mode. No guy ever talks to a girl about another guy who likes to jack off alot, at least no straight guy. Whoops, looks like we found another problem.