By Paige - 10/07/2013 14:18 - United Kingdom - Witham

Today, I found out my boyfriend regularly has his ex stay over. They even share a bed. He doesn't see a problem with this. FML
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Relax. They just talk about cute boys and gossip about girls they don't like.

Then there shouldn't be a problem dumping him. You deserve better OP.


you half to set boundries with your boyfriend

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I think not knowing the difference between half and have is a problem, too.

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Ask if he see's a problem with you dumping him

Screw the boundaries , dump his stupid ass!!

It's probably just loveless hate sex, nothing to worry about...

That's not even worth trying to work out, obviously he still has feelings for her and doesn't respect you. Find someone with less issues.

It kind of depends, if he has NEVER given you a reason to not trust him, then it could be that nothing is happening between them, just because two people share a bed, doesn't always mean that there's sex going on. On the other hand, it depends on how close they were, and how close they are now. I hope that makes sense!

88- what the ****??? It doesn't matter if they didn't have sex. They can be friends, but friends don't do that kind of shit, especially if they dated before.

Friends don't share beds...? I've shared a bed (non-sexually) with many friends (mostly girls) before, sometimes we even fit three inside a double bed. It's really a matter of how comfortable you are with people being in ''your space'', and also what's the more comfortable sleeping option at the time (I'd rather share a bed with my friends than take the floor).

91 I wasn't saying that there is nothing wrong with it, and I agree it is different if they have dated, I was just saying that sharing a bed with a friend isn't uncommon, I've shared with friends several times. I did explain my last comment right, sorry

does it make sense to you?? if so, we have a serious problem!

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I have sleepovers with my friends all the time. True sleep overs, not sex. Boys and girls so I'd say if its someone whose always been a friend that's one thing.. But an ex? Not okay.

I don't think it's ok with an ex, that's just inviting trouble, but with friends, I think that's ok.

I let girls sleep in my bed. Guys on the sofa, especially exes

I've slept in beds with my guy friends before. Although not ex's, **** no. Also if I'm dating someone I'd ask my boyfriend first if he's okay if I shared a bed with a male friend, although I probably wouldn't even do that.

I have to admit that I've sleep in the same bed with my ex. Her boyfriend knew about it before hand and was okay with it. He actually thought we were doing a lot than we actually did. He thought that perhaps there might of been a sort of **** buddy thing going on, but didn't mind since he felt it was helping sate her desires for a female lover. However, we really did nothing more than cuddle. We were best friends before and after our relationship. I don't really see a problem with this as long as the person you're in a relationship with and the person that your ex is in a relationship with knows about it and agrees with it. Rules should be set of course.

Yeah, but OP's obviously not okay with this, he didn't ask her if it was alright either.

You ***HAVE*** to set boundaries. You eat HALF of a banana. Learn You're English!!!

Then there shouldn't be a problem dumping him. You deserve better OP.

Just think, after the OP dumps his ass, she'll also get those special sleepover invites!

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Break up with him already!! Kick him in the stones for being a douche. :/

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Relax. They just talk about cute boys and gossip about girls they don't like.

yeah op, stop being so up tight about their tickle fights as well

And that screaming you hear is just because they're watching a horror movie.

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The creaking you hear isn't what you think, they are just having a pillow fight.

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Eatin' ain't cheatin' isn't gonna get him out of this predicament.

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My ex girlfriend said something similar but it was "suckin' ain't ******", so I went out and blew a bunch of truckers.. She was not too happy.. Haha.

It took me a few seconds to get I can't stop laughing.....

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I doubt too many people know who steel panther are, 102. One of my favorites by them has to be fat girl. "There she blows" haha.

It's okay 102 I got the reference. My friend literally showed my some of their songs just last week. Including fat girl haha.

Maybe you should make this current 'boyfriend' of yours, your ex boyfriend. Either way that sucks OP he just wasnt meant to be don't worry you'll find someone:)

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I seriously hope you meant to write ex boyfriend..

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What does it matter whether he shares his bed with an ex-girlfriend or an ex-boyfriend?

It matters that he is dating someone different now...

Why do you allow him to do that? Tell him you don't like that!

It says OP "found out", so I highly doubt she was allowing it to happen.

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Oh, your not supposed to do that...?

Why, is being empathetic and considerate new to you?

Oh, heh, I think you're right. I didn't even stop to think that #12 was sarcastic! Sorry...

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I guess you better work on your sarcasm detector

You can't always tell over the Internet, 71. On the flip-side, this is FML. It's pretty much nothing but sarcasm.

Books have way more context and character development than what most people would get from a simple FML comment. Especially a commenter you've not seen around before.