Random Ass Memory

By Anonymous - 21/12/2021 11:01

Today, I yelled at my husband for staying out till after 9 and not having done any of the chores. He turned round and yelled right back at me for letting him sit alone at the restaurant, getting sympathy from the waiters, because I clearly forgot today was our anniversary dinner. Whoops. FML
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Wow. You sound really irresponsible.

You clearly both screwed it up. Time for make-up sex. Enjoy!


You clearly both screwed it up. Time for make-up sex. Enjoy!

Wow. You sound really irresponsible.

Dirtysalamander1 8

don't just say whoops. tf is wrong with you?

You are a terrible wife and owe him an apology blowjob.

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Seriously. I mean if he was at a restaurant waiting for you, this didn’t sneak up on you. Shame on you. Put more effort into your marriage. Idk how much you do put in, but I see what is easily forgotten by you.

Wow..... sounds like you both need to grow up. You act like a couple of 14-year-olds, yelling at each other about who did or didn't do what. Now, if he was waiting at the restaurant, couldn't he have called you instead of sitting there making himself look like a fool? Sheesh.

You yelled at your adult husband for not doing his chores? Also for staying out pass his curfew?? Seriously WTF? Second of all why didn't he call you if you were late/didn't show within a reasonable time? Both of you need to grow up and realise shit happens and having a tantrum over it won't help.