By kimftwxox - 03/05/2011 02:24 - United Kingdom

Today, I came across an old man sitting on the pavement with a bottle of beer in one hand. He was crying. I thought I would be a good Samaritan and see if he was okay. After 15 minutes of hearing about how much his life sucked, he mugged me. FML
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Yeah I know it was stupid, but I'm a good person.. I help work at social care and I hate seeing people upset. It was all in good intention, fair enough I maybe shouldn't have spoke to him and I deserved what I got I was only trying to be nice in the end. And saying I copied jesus' story is pathetic.

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Nothing wrong with being a good person, OP. Blessing and a curse sometimes.

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no just dont talk to people you dont know unless you absolutley have to. being nice isnt worth shit in this world anymore. it now has consequences with it

"So yeah after I lost my house I went into a drinking rage and now I will have to take your wallet to support this habbit I am sorry"

YDI for trying to copy a story Jebus told.

Just goes to show that being nice and helping people doesn't pay. It only costs you in the end. You know what to do next time keep going and don't stop.

Now if only the OP would have tried harder not to get mugged, but still that sucks.

just do the same thing. sit down and pretend to cry and mug the next person that tries to be nice to you.

18 wtf he did it to be selfish? how the hell does that work? who would be watching him to make him get recognized? it's funny cause now your point is invalid!

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You couldn't whip the ass of an 80 year-old drunk who was already sitting down? Yea, I would have to say.... FYL.

fyl I think twice about helping homeless people...

Where did they say he was homeless? The op just stated the were old. plus, homeless people have feelings and rights too, don't stereo-type them all because of a few.

yes true I assumed he was homeless. my bad... I've had a few experiences with some nasty ones. that's why I said I think twice. I do and have helped however.

mariazzz does have a point, homeless do deserve to be treated as the humans they are, but you can't approach with naïveté.

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haha awh. never sit with a guy with a beer bottle whos crying. never ends well. but that sucks, fyl.

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or a chick could pick him up during his moment of weakness. not that anyone should do that.

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A drunk homeless man should have been your Q to walk away!

where does it say he us homeless? don't jump to conclusions douche bag. and "Q?" you're ******* stupid.

us homeless? I'm ******* stupid? Piss off little boy nobody asked for your input!

ya, if I didn't have to log in I would have been first. you are a worthy advasary and I look forward to meeting you again.

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