By ___Ruby_____ - 08/10/2018 12:00

Today, as I rushed to get my pants on, I slipped and bashed my forehead against the solid oak back board of my bed. School starts in 30 minutes and I look like I lost a boxing match horribly. FML
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Take a selfie. You will need it when you come back from your doctor's appointment to get the stitches you obviously need and the dimwit forgets to give you your doctor's note.

Tell everyone your boyfriend did that to you, and enjoy all the sympathy swag.

Tell everyone that you had a Shadow Boxing class earlier. Let them know how serious you are about your studies!

"Oh this, it's nothing. You should see what I did to him!"

In my day we called that a good excuse to stay home and our parents called it a Stop Being a Sissy, Walk It Off.