By CPN - 14/03/2009 14:55 - United States

Today, I was curling my eyelashes in my bathroom and while I was counting to 5 my brother flung open my door. I jumped and ended up ripping out all my eyelashes. Now I have to wait until they grow back. FML
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that sucks.. wear fake ones for now?

I hear locking the door works wonders.


foryoublue94 0

What's the point of curling your eyelashes?

When your eyelashes don't curl up properly, it makes them harder to see, and therefore less pretty.

I thought eylashes didn't grow bak :|

some ppls eyelashes grow straight and it opens ur eyes more wen they r curled and they r also more attractive wen curled

hippo1234 19

for me, I curl them so they don't hit my glasses and sunglasses. not cosmetic, just practical

cjwayy 22

Jesus Christ...

I've read some horrible FMLs, but this one just seems so horrible! I feel so sorry for you

It's Jason Bourne

Ouch, you should break his neck to make you feel better. Okay maybe not neck.. but arm or something.

Holy crap!! That would fricken hurt!!!

It's bad that this happened but that's an over reaction

happypink_fml 0

omg lmao hahahahahahahaha that sucks ive never seen anyone without eyelashes hahaha ha!

I have, he pulls them out in class then eats them..

i used to compulsively pull mine out, without even noticing i was doing so. didn't stop until they were all gone. that year sucked.

Trichotillomania for twelve years, beat that. No eyelashes since I was in grade two.

that sucks.. wear fake ones for now?

OW! PAIN! OW. And wow, that sucks. a lot. I'm sorry for your loss.

It's hair... it'll grow back. Not a fml. Unless you meant it burnt off in which case it might not grow.

Moo_Horse 0

ummm dude im pretty sure that HURTS getting all your eyelashes RIPPED off.

Plus, eyelashes take a very long time to grow back, especially if they are RIPPED OUT.

I hear locking the door works wonders.

Kill your little brother. And then. Kill him again.