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Today, my husband blew all the candles on his birthday cake while I was taking a photo in front of him. I will probably never use cocoa powder to decorate a birthday cake anymore. FML
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Yawn, ok, so is this a FML because the camera got cocoa powder on it? Or because it got on you? *beats head on desk*

Cocoa powder is flammable in cloud form, add the candles and....well you can guess the rest


I did that once, only I blew ashes EVERYWHERE! It was fun. I have a video of myself blowing out birthday candles, if anyone's interested. They're the magic ones. ;)

I think this is how the dust storms started. Except they were in NSW and QLD... oh well i tried

What is NSW and QLD? *Feels left out and ignorant* =/

I'm guessing New South Wales and Queensland, in Australia There's been a sandstorm over there :/ BTW, yes, some are interested in your birthday cake blowing ^^ mercy : excellent site, I didn't know this one ^^

You really think getting burned by a cloud of flaming powder is "small stuff"? I can't imagine what happens to you in a typical day then...

Did all your relatives use your cake as an ashtray to flick their butts? Must have been a hoot!

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Thank you Intoxicunt for not typing "first!!!" =) And yeah, Cakewrecks rule And OP, really.....? You were surprised that powder could blow off a cake..?

Youtube. Intoxicunt. The only video. Just search it, it won't kill you. :) Haha, plexi, that would have been fun. I just blew so much trying to put those damn magic candles out that I got wax and ash everywhere. You're welcome, person. [=

lol you sure are persistent ^^ the camera makes it look like the whole cake goes on fire at one point ^^ If it's been that difficult at 17, just hope your friends don't get magic candles when you're twice as old ;)

No, it probably caught on fire...cocoa powder in aerosol form is highly flammable.

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You never did the experiment in chemistry where you blow up a paint can with a candle and a few tablespoons of flour, did you? Powder is what causes grain silos to explode, too. As others have said. The cake was probably an exciting little fireball for a second or two.

Yeah, but I insist on real candles instead of the ones with the number on them. It's going to be fun.. Also, like it says, my voice is NOT that annoying in real life. I'm horrified at how I sound on camera.

don't get a stroke on that, everyone hates how they sound on camera. For that matter, it didn't sound annoying to me, though I'm no benchmark

Haha, thanks. When I hear myself on camera, my reaction is "AAAHHH! Make me shut up!" My mom hates her voice on camera too, so I guess it is just a common thing. Are you the one who commented on it?

nope, I did not. I don't think I have a youtube account, actually. anyway, had I commented it, I would have signed in a recognisable fashion (i.e. with "pall" or "palleas") about the voice, there's a situation even more troubling : that's when you have to speak on a mic... At first, you're just wondering who the hell's talking and you have to go on talking (or singing in the unlikely event of a karaoke) even though you're horrified at the annoying voice coming out of the hps...

Someone did comment on it. Huh. >_> Yeah, my singing voice in my microphone is as bad. I don't know why I sound so much better live... @#30, are you replying to me? I have no way of knowing.

Nice! I like how you blow and blow and blow until you get the job done. You're pretty.

The other kind of "blowing" generally takes me even less time to get the job done. ;) Thank you, plexi! We'll have some sexy babies. Seriously, keep me away from them or I may commit Wincest.

I considered it. It's fun though. "I'll huff, and I'll puff..."

that's because you hear your own voice through your jaw bones ^^ blowing huh? Not the most elegant comment you've written ;)

Good point. Hmmm...I guess my voice is just awful in person too! Way to crush my hope!!! :( I mix eloquence, wit, and immature humor. If you really pay attention, about half my comments are jokes along the lines of "That's what she said." I also comment war like a ************. =]

I dislike it. It's whiny. I sound like I'm ******* 10. I want to sound like a person. LOL.

What makes you think I don't? :) I do, just not tobacco.

I get it! Cocoa powder burns like cinnamon. So, when the cocoa powder met the flames of the candles, it's basically like a mini firestorm. Yet it still burns like hell.

I was pointing out that "master" is what you call a dude. And LOL, yeah, my Youtube is getting attention now. I'll probably upload more vids now that there are people watching the damn thing.

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i know what you mean... my voice is already deep, being 6' 6'' in 8th grade and being on camera makes it so deep you almost cant even hear me

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Haha makes the photo look more desert/dessert like :)

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Did you get an amazing photo out of it?!?! Did your camera get ruined?!?!? So many questions! o_O

Yawn, ok, so is this a FML because the camera got cocoa powder on it? Or because it got on you? *beats head on desk*

Cocoa powder burns fairly spectacularly. You've never seen a cocktail made with it?

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I used to work at a Bulk Barn, we sold that stuff in bulk and had to fill up the barrel with a 40kg bag of the stuff... It gets EVERYWHERE!!!! and is close to impossible to get out until you wash it off... which i would not suggest you do with your camera. I agree, FML.. partially because of the camera but mainly because of the cocoa powder explosion.

If my husband "blew" all the candles on his birthday cake I would be more than a little concerned that he was gay ;-)

FANTASTIC! you totally deserved it, I really wish I could have seen that :) Not fyl though, even for you it must have been funny ^^ and I agree with the very delicately named MikeLitoris, what a great birthday present!

Cocoa powder is flammable in cloud form, add the candles and....well you can guess the rest

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I wish they had a "who cares" pile for these kinda FMLs. So Ydidn'tDI, but it's not an FML. Honestly, don't sweat the small stuff.

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Really? This I did not know which then does make it an fml.

Very true! I've done science demonstrations at museums with fire and flour. Cocoa powder, flour, and non-dairy creamer in powder form are highly flammable when "aerosolized" (An aerosol is a suspension of fine solid particles or liquid droplets in a gas -wikipedia). This is something bakeries and huge food manufacturing plants that use flour worry about because with enough of it, it can create quite the explosion (and some have died as a result), but it takes mass quantities in the air. I bet there was a considerable amount of cocoa powder dusted on the cake and the candles were located on the back part of the cake. Blowing at the right angle, the cocoa would be kicked up and turn into a flame rather quickly. I don't think it would be a huge flame, but enough to shock the OP.

While this is extremely true (and really cool if you know how to use it esp with more flammable particulates such as coal powdered) I think the OP would've mentioned it if this occurred.