By Anonymus - 18/04/2015 07:01 - Sweden

Today, I read my 10-year-old sister's diary. That's how I found out about her disturbingly detailed plan to murder me, make it look like suicide, date my boyfriend after helping him get over my death, then marry him. FML
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What a loving child

On the plus side little sister likes OPs boyfriend. Would've been awkward if she'd tried to kill him

I'm sorry you have a psycho for a sister..

You're not sorry at all are you

Little kids are evil.

Either that, or she's extremely smart and knew you'd snoop through her stuff so she planted the journal.

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Is your sister the girl from the movie Orphan?...

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Snooping is justified when you find something juicy...right?

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Only if you replace 'juicy' with 'possible homicidal situation', then yes.

Exactly! Though what OP found is quite disturbing, I feel OP shouldn't have read it without being provoked to prior to it. OP, don't go through other people's things, but keep an eye on your sister. In this case, you've found a bit of an excuse to snoop. Good luck!

This is the exact type of thing that causes people to want to murder their sister...

I mean if I had a 10yr old sister id honesty probably go through her journal. not cause I'm "snooping" but cause id think it'd be a cute fun little thing they had. I wouldn't think or atleast hope she wouldn't have many secrets to hide in there

I would guess she did it so she could make sure her sis isn't getting bullied or anything like that? I mean I would since I wouldn't want my younger siblings to be bullied or anything along the lines of that.

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I think that if my little sister or young daughter seems a bit mentally disturbed I'm probably going to read her diary to check if there is actually something to worry about. It might not be a nice thing to do but it can be justified, can't it?

I actually read my older sisters diary when we were younger. She wrote a sad post about how hurt she is when I call her names. From that day on I stopped.

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Reading her sister's diary may have literally saved her life lol

I am so sorry try calling her a therapist

I don't think calling her names will help.

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I'm 16 and my mom still looks thru my phone and my dad too lol.

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unless you paid for it and the service, its their phone. thats different than looking through someones diary. only justification for that is if you feel shes going to hurt herself or someone else

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then it's their diary too. wtf is that kind of reasoning?

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i was pointing out that checking out someones phone is not the same as looking at the diary. specifically, the parents own the phone, while the diary belongs to the girl. so no, phone and diary are definately not the same.

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#132 Or YOU OP.

She seriously needs help....not kidding

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The question is why would she want to do all that.

So she can have OP's boyfriend.

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Because she looks through her diary

Just tell her not to do that. Duh! But in all seriousness, I hope you don't die.

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Sleep with one eye open

Gripping your pillow tight!

Exit light, Enter night

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Grain of sand

We're off to Never Never Land...

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Gibbs rule 40