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  leftyy  |  0

"love is for girls and gays. if youre with me it goes one of two ways. either you sex with me... or you have sex with me." -e=mc vagina

  nicko_oz  |  4

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  no1xaskedxy0u  |  5

He doesn't have to be ready, but he should have to respect her. If my boyfriend didn't want to say "I love you" or didn't want to get married, I'd be cool with that, but there is no way in hell a comment like that would fly with me.

By  smhlqnick  |  0

Maybe you two are just at different stages and he isn't comfortable with all the love talk. Might not be a bad idea to start looking at other options? Or he's joking?

  PDSot  |  21

he still might not be comfortable with her saying it even if he says the same thing every time
it does seem like he only wants sex tho
like he's selfish and only cares about himself in the relationship