By fml - 12/08/2011 06:14 - Canada

Today, I was lying in bed with my boyfriend, telling him how much I loved him. His answer? "Less lovin' more humpin'." This happens every single time. FML
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silly_kitten 9

That's when you say "Less humpin' more dumpin'."

zebraface 15

Ditch his ass


12vballchick12 5

well sry bout that.

Next time don't say anything. He'll reply with "Aren't you gonna say how much you love me?"

gunmania0 12

I've gotta use this with my Girlfriend. What a genius.

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gunmania0 12

27 - guys only use you for sex because you're easy.

Damn_Hippster 11

27 truer words have never been spoken

He loves you enough to go down on you.

SesameSpeed 7

You don't deserve that! Find a dude that can actually say "I love you" back.

You should feel grateful he let you out of the kitchen! (Just kidding, dump him.)

I think he wants you to bend over, he isn't paying you with expensive jewelry for "love" that's for sure

leftyy 0

"love is for girls and gays. if youre with me it goes one of two ways. either you sex with me... or you have sex with me." -e=mc vagina

Who said he goes down on her?

jake1632 9

And after that.. Less fxckin, more suckin. After that, humming and cumming, which do you prefer more of?

tecktonik123 0

I hear you(: and I agree with you TOTALLY

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dump him bc he's only with you for the sex

no1xaskedxy0u 5

He doesn't have to be ready, but he should have to respect her. If my boyfriend didn't want to say "I love you" or didn't want to get married, I'd be cool with that, but there is no way in hell a comment like that would fly with me.

zebraface 15

Ditch his ass

JodeMiVida 13


LiveLaughFML 10

*dump on

That's a little harsh

you better start listing.

JTHolloway200 0

how could she possibly have deserved it

RooBooBear 0

Amen sister

Thats a bit extreme, dont you think?

I mean at least you know what he wants?

And yet you keep doing that? He'll learn eventually, right ;D

sammie91michelle 0

More like he just wants her to stfu n fuk him that's all he wants

sammie91michelle 0

More like he just wants her to stfu n fuk him that's all he wants

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing multiple times and expecting different results. Basically your insane women.

I think she'll learn before he does. she should just stick to humpin n cookin. the relationship would probably go better :D

Well it's better than making sammichs..

Blasphemy! Everybody knows that behind every great man, there is a woman who makes great sammiches.

And below every great man, there is a woman getting humped.

You heard the man!

silly_kitten 9

That's when you say "Less humpin' more dumpin'."

Hell to the Yeah! But in all seriousness, he doesn't seem to take things seriously. Maybe it's time to have a talk or move on.

iapplejuice 2

lmfao this was a good as one

eyorsdocjr 0

Omg I've never actually laughed out load because of a comment!!!! Dude. that is an EPIC burn!!!

Realize that doesn't sound much better?

BubblyNinja13 0

Man I was gonna comment that!(:

...Just gonna say...your cat looks exactly like mine. Exactly. O___o

Dodge4x4Ram 46

haha that was rich

Maybe you two are just at different stages and he isn't comfortable with all the love talk. Might not be a bad idea to start looking at other options? Or he's joking?

If he's joking, he should retract it and say, "I do love you really" after.

usnwife 18

I can see joking once, but "every single time" isn't a joke - move on op!!!

he still might not be comfortable with her saying it even if he says the same thing every time it does seem like he only wants sex tho like he's selfish and only cares about himself in the relationship

But he might enjoy it...

hoodasswhitekid 0

I would.

If it happens every single time, you should probably stop giving in. Just a thought, though.