By apenglishstudent - 31/03/2009 05:12 - United States

Today, I overheard a conversation two of my friends were having about Homer, so I interjected with a quip about a Simpson's episode I had seen before. They were talking about the poet. I'm an AP literature student. FML
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Mmmmm. Literature..... *drools*


As someone who passed the AP Lit test, I probably would've thought the same thing.

Mmmmm. Literature..... *drools*

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Kind of like how my dad thought Plato was the stuff you molded and shaped when you're little.

Your dad is awesome!

haha love #1 and #2.

Just because you're an AP lit student, doesn't mean you can't enjoy things like the Simpsons.

agreed simpsons rocks. but how is this an fml?

its an fml because op is a giant retard and if he is an ap literature student he should hage realised that they were talking about... literature.

I know my 5th grade teacher thought the simpsons was garbage

Homer wrote incredibly dull work.

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Homer didn't "write" anything. He retold stories that had been around for years. And they were amazing epics. But I guess not everyone gets that

I'm a freshman in high school and I think of Homer, the poet, before I think of the Simpsons. How did you not hear the context in which they were using his name? I think I could tell the difference between an author of an epic and a cartoon character from what someone says. :P

I agree.... The Odyssey is the freaking best thing on the planet. Whereas Homer Simpson...? Not so much.

I read the odyssey in 6th grade and I L O V E D it.


This is dumb. It's not even embarrassing. And don't feel special. Everyone and their mom takes AP Lit. It doesn't make you an expert on the classics.

High school placement means nothing.

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hahaha that is hilarious! don't worry you are obviously clever AND funny

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I think this is great. Most Americans probably associate Homer with the Simpsons regardless of Literature background. I found the poet Homer's work rather dull anyway and would much rather watch an episode of the Simpsons. It's not one of the longest running TV shows of all time for no reason.

I can see why they call you Captain Shit