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By Anonymous - 13/03/2011 03:09 - United States

Today, while at the bakery section of my local supermarket, I heard the beat of what I assumed was a song playing. I really got into it, and bobbed my head and danced a little. After getting some strange looks, I realized the "beat" was a machine mixing frosting. FML
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I don't think this is a FYL moment because this could be laughed off by saying something stupid like "That mixer can keep a good beat, it should join a band" or whatever.


You mean dance in a supermarket or mistake a frosting-mixing machine for music?

I'd definitely dance to the beat of such a machine. You guys never seen death metal washing machine? ;)

I love death metal! And washing machines! And dead baby jokes such as...(come on people)

eskimocallboy 0

damn jess your p r e t t y!(:

Psh, I dance to clicking heels, printers, car alarms, anything that can be musical. You should have just stared right back. Kudos for finding joy in life and dancing to random beats :D

persianjr1 7

I'm a guy and I would probably still dance to it . anyone who says ydi fir dancing needs to lighten up. :)

every time I wash my clothes I feel like I'm listening to "Viva la Vida"... and it's hard to keep myself from at LEAST bobbing my head :D

I don't think this is a FYL moment because this could be laughed off by saying something stupid like "That mixer can keep a good beat, it should join a band" or whatever.

and the band should be "mixing frosting" ^^. music is everywhere!! :D

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That mixer has a good beat.. it should play the spoons! eh? anybody?

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YDI for not being able to tell the difference between music and mechanical ruckus.

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hahaha how can that possibly sound like a beat?

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Almost anything can make a great beat to the musically inclined.

Nothing wrong with that, music is everywhere ftl for being so closed minded

Modern environment can produce great beats on its own. Nothing wrong with that. There is however a sign of incredible stupidity here, that is when you decided to dance in the supermarket. YDI, unless it was Wal-Mart or something alike.

I agree but... Could someone please explain to a non-American why it would make a difference if it was in Wal-Mart? I know what Wal-Mart is but I don't get this part.

Walmart sells pretty much everything and at discount prices. As a result it attracts rather large amount of people who for varies reasons had their lives ****** and can't afford to shop anywhere else. That's why the diversity of nonsense happening there is so overwhelming. Check out

I happen to make pretty damn good money, and I shop at walmart. convenience is amazing. and they're open when I get off work at 4 am.

35 - I would never shop at Wal-mart unless I had to. The people who go there aren't generally the kind of people I like to be around...

and what kind of people go to walmart that offend you? I avoid walmart until about 4 am. no one I there, it's quiet, and no lines! try it sometime.

Ismellwin 0

I fail to see the significance of the "class" of peers in this situation. Who really cares anyway about the thoughts of a bunch of random people you never have and probably never will, meet again.

Unless you all shop at the same Wal*Mart on a regular basis.

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what the ****.., are you serious? YDI..and your a ******* idiot

You call the OP an idiot, yet you fail to spell "you're", correctly? I believe that you sir, are the idiot.

persianjr1 7

on another note. ydi for dancing? you sir are a sad person. you need to live your life a little happier dude.

#9, you are indeed a douche bag. I hope someone punches you in the face.

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ASS TO ASS btw stu foo' (__l__) + (__l__)

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This is what mainstream music does to people... How reptitive is the music you listen to if a simple beat can make you think a song is on?

FYLDeep 25

I can't believe you just happened to have had that username and just responded to me with that line. Of course modern music was a lot different when that was first said. Probably would have been referencing disco, which also sucked.