By rain - United States
Today, I called the number a guy had given me at a bar last night. I got the Soulja Boy Hotline. Now every few hours I get messages on my phone like 'Good morning! Jump on up and get yo swag on, this is Soulja Boy!' and I can't seem to get it to stop. FML
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  Shadow1368  |  17

The number is 678-999-8212

Don't believe me? He says the phone number is his song called "Kiss me through the phone"

My friend and I even called that number before so I know that's it.

By  mogan_fml  |  0

ah man. that sucks.

because first of all you got rejected.
but it is also sucky because you don't even
get the really cool rejection hotline voice over guy.
instead, you get solja boy. -shutter-