By Sean - 14/08/2016 04:00 - Canada - Toronto

Today, as I was crossing a street, a car hit me and broke two of my ribs. The driver was too busy paying attention to his girlfriend who was giving him a blowjob from the passenger seat. I could see the look of ecstasy on his face as he rammed into me and drove off without noticing. FML
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I just wish the impact had cause his girlfriend to bite down.

If you remember the kind and color of the car you could report it as a hit and run, even better if you caught the license plate!


If you remember the kind and color of the car you could report it as a hit and run, even better if you caught the license plate!

Really, I never thought of that.

26, I'm pretty sure OP might not have when they were on the ground with two of their ribs cracked in half.

Even a partial plate can be run through the system. Definitely file a report, OP!

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If she was bent over blowing him, how did you see her after being hit by a car?

He didn't see her, he saw the driver and assumed I'm guessing

If to a car he could probably see her back arched over and her head behind the wheel.

His ecstasy will dissappear after the police charge him with reckless driving.

And possibly a hit and run if caught.

I'm sorry but those people in the car suck.

I hope that pun was intended

Well, we know one does.

I just wish the impact had cause his girlfriend to bite down.

You clearly have no idea how painful any injury to a penis is. I wouldn't even wish that upon my worst enemy...

What about an injury to the rib?

25 no we dont know but I imagine its about as bad as GETTING HIT BY A CAR during a hit and run! Some people...

25 - not only was it an attempt at humor, id say a penis injury would be well deserved in that situation. The dude had it cumming.

See if there were any cameras on the street, and then try to get the footage pulled if there are any. If you can and do, and there's a license plate that's distinguishable, you should file charges for every thing that you can. Sound like: Speeding, reckless driving, hit and run, possibly reckless endangerment of others, driving while distracted.... I hope something I suggested helped, and that he gets in a shit ton of trouble, especially since he could have killed you.

While the police are largely responsible for the actual investigation and pursuing the case, the fact remains that unless the victim of the crime brings the allegations to their attention, crime units may not pursue the case. Especially if the crime occurred in a high-crime density area, or considered a minor one. So, when people suggest that someone "should press criminal charges," they're saying that the person should make sure that it is being investigated, instead of the case being put at the back of a warehouse before the ink dries on the documents.

Hopefully, you never forget that face. When the police put him in a lineup, have them recite the alphabet. Pay careful attention to their "O" face.

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That "man" no longer has the right to own a penis

Even if he was very distracted by the blowjob, how the hell did he completely miss the fact that he ran into someone? Considering that it broke your ribs, that wasn't a light tap. I've been in a crash before, not involving a pedestrian thankfully, but you can feel the pressure of your car being hit, even from inside, you usually lurch forward too, not to mention, you can hear it. Anyway, this is a lesson for everyone, blowjobs are too distracting when driving, you can wait until you get home, it's really not that difficult. I hope you find the guy OP, he deserves to be punished for not paying attention.