By lebowski - 28/11/2010 01:57 - United States

Today, my 5 year old brother wanted to look through my phone. I know he can't read so I gave it to him. He was, however, able to get at my "private" photo album. FML
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bamagrl410 31

YDI for having that type of album on your phone for people to get hold of.

why do people *insist* on taking naked photos of themselves?


bamagrl410 31

YDI for having that type of album on your phone for people to get hold of.

now he just needs to learn how to MMS and iv hit the jackpot!

Draminicaus 0

Put the password protect on your photo app. Oh wait, you gotta jailbreak before you can do that. :P Disregard.

Ydi ορ. email me those pictures and I'll make sure they're safe! *wink wink* ᎠᏌᎠᏋ ᏩᏌᎩᎦ ᏞᎤᎤᏦ ᎪᎢ ᎢᏥᎥᎦ ᎦᏌᏡᏋᎡ ᏣᎤᎤᏞ ᏔᎡᏆᎢᏆNᏀ!!!! ᎩᎪᏝᏝ ᎪᎡᏋ ᎦᎤᎤᎤ ᏠᏋᎪᏞᎤᏌᎦᎦ!!!!

or just get a photo vault that saves photos in a completely different area.

desigirl2010 0

17 - not anymore - there's an app for that now!

LosAngelesSon 8

It's called private photo app by David Earnest. Get it.

icecreamdriveby 5

#26, "dude guys"?

57- stfu and 26- I am jealous!

I'm jealous of 26's poor grammar."dude guys"

nocanhaz 4

How did 26 do that? F***en Internet genies.

¡sıɥʇ sɐ looɔ sɐ ʇsoɯlɐ s,ʇI

so, ummm... how does upside-down text not comply with the rules??

It's an annoyance to the other commenters.

17-u just expect that it's an iphone

You can of course get apps that store your photos and password protect them, which sounds like a good idea in your case.

YDI for having those pictures. Nothing is private!!!

YDI for giving a child a phone with pornographic pics on it. He may not be able to read but those little guys can navigate through electronics like a mother fucker!

5 yr olds can't read

Speak for yourself, 78. By that age, I'd already been reading for nearly half my life.

wwerulez14 6

Hey OP, pun intended?

That makes me wonder...hmmm...

aadk 0

sorry if I'm slow but where's the pun in the post? help me out please haha

i can't see a pun either! :/

Ooh I see it. "Private" Haha.

wwerulez14 6

OP's brother found her (I'm assuming OP is female) "private" pictures, which obviously involve OP's "private" parts. Got it?

mommy why is daddy kissing you in there?

deannoz 0

^ This >;{D Ooh , a moustache.

what was that about haha i dont have a moustache

Haha gooood ooone.

carcinogan 0

they are jealous of the USMC status bro oorah

If the kid found that on OP's phone, OP's got bigger issues to work through.

Incest? She said her brother LOL not son

You were aware that he couldn't read. What did you think he was going to do?

first haha I personally hate it when people say first but I can't help myself 

Nice speech. You fail.

Tikwichka 5

It's the ones that never learn that bother me. *sigh*

oarisimo 4

you're not even first, dummy.

ydi for keeping a private photo album on your phone where anybody can see it

scottovious 0

my kids play with my phone all the time. we keep the "good" pictures elsewhere.

why do people *insist* on taking naked photos of themselves?

Tikwichka 5

It is almost as incomprehensible as those who *insist* on taking photos of themselves in the bathroom.

hahaha win^^^

Nice bathroom picture.

Gloritank 8

Idiots do it to get people they just met to like them. people in long term relationships do it cause it spices shit up every now and again.

Freeze... You're losing your touch...

Welllll cuz cerrrrtainnn people find mehh sexyy((; especially withouttt clothes !

phirestarter 0

because naked photos are fun XD

YDI Op. Sorry, but seriously, keep your private pictures elsewhere. You should've remembered they were on there.