By disappointed dad - 19/05/2013 07:35 - United States

Today, the couch I bought a week ago was delivered. I don't know which is worse: my son being the one to point out it's been "used", or that he used a black light to prove it. FML
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Well now you know. And you can send it back to get a new one.


jw90 18

Well now you know. And you can send it back to get a new one.

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I can just see it now. A young couple are walking through a furniture store and are dreaming about their future together. Suddenly they find they have wandered into the couch section and no one is around. Like any closet exhibitionist, they get excited about the idea of possibly getting caught together. She gives him a wink and a budge and the guy instantly throws his shirt across the store. She blushes as she finds a good couch in the corner and the guy is still fighting to get his pants off. Naked, he jumps from couch to couch to tackle the love of his life. Like any good performer he takes extra strides to show off, and that is when the mistake happens. Tripping on the overly fluffy arm rest, his traction is lost and he comes crashing down. His bloody nose gets on half the couch and his love screams at the thought of the broken man before her. In a panic they rush after his clothes and streak out the back of the store. The sales rep that had been innocently been taking her break in the room was still in shock. She burst out laughing and due to her weak bladder she accidentally pee'd a little as she struggled to breath. The couch she sat on was later sold and no one noticed the stain. And now you know,,,, The REST of the story.

OP here, well I called the guy I bought it from and he said he'd refund me all the money I paid for it. So I guess it's no problem. Still a little awkward though...

None of the above. Pretty sure it was listed as "Casting Couch"

I think 90% of the guys on FML will get the reference

90% is a bit low, try 99.9999999% :)

Lmao I am a guy and I don't understand what casting couch means. Sorry to let you all down.

GTS: Google That Shit (you'll realize you grew up knowing it all along)

47 Did you find out before or after the interview?

#51 the only response I can think of is from Friday.... "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN" ;)

KB616 11

Let me spell it out for you: casting couch for ****.

Yeah after I thought about it for a while I kind of found out what It could've possibly meant. I apologized for my own stupidity and inability to get **** related jokes lol

#43 : You are the 0.0000001% of the guys who don't understand the reference

I understand it now. Didn't know all guys had to be always in the **** mindset to be considered normal.

It's quite the contrary my friend. Also, don't get an exchange. Get your money back because you cannot trust a company that will do that .

That's a bit gross... I would definitely call the company back ASAP and explain it to them. The sooner you do it the better... That way they can't say you did something about it. And if its a reputable company then they will replace it.

OP probably bought it on Craigslist or something though. No professional company would sell a semen-stained sofa.

Now that's just nasty. Get on the horn, time to push for a full refund or replacement. :p

Your son has common sense, and knows how to use it, don't fault that

That is disgusting! I would call up the company & complain. If you bought it "brand new" then this is a real bummer. Sorry O.P

That's absolutely disgusting! At least your son was around to point it out, now you can grab your phone and work on getting an actual new couch! When mine was delivered, they had to take it out of the plastic, and new suede smells divine! All materials have a 'new' smell. :) keep your nose alert for it! There is a huge difference between the sprays that smell new and actual new. Most times you can smell the propellant used to get the smell from the can.

Well be thankful he noticed it, imagine you drop dry food on your couch like chips or somethin and you pick it up and eat it... That's disgusting