By BW - 07/06/2009 21:49 - United States

Today, I woke up to my wife talking in her sleep, "No Brandon! I don't want to have sex!" My wife won't have sex with me when she's awake OR in her dreams. FML
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I just moderated this one an hour ago! This is very exciting for me. I've never had that happen before. The power is intoxicating! I think I'll fire someone tomorrow! This feeling's great!


Tweety122888 0

I thought u were gonna say your name isn't Brandon

I'm replying to the first comment just to be on top.

Put your **** in her mouth, that way she can't say no.

This is sad but cool. My name is brandon and my last initial is "w" too. Is this future me writing? I hope not...

NCGurl 0

Probaly not in your dreams either lol

Would have been better if his name wasnt brandon :P

that_was_so_awkw 0

#4 FAIL. OMFG I loveee it when that happens. haha. :) but. OP. tbh I have nothing to say to that. to busy laughing at #4

Tim3 0

ha! she doesn't find you attractive anymore!

Or maybe she won't put out because she doesn't find herself attractive, anymore.. Girls are like that..

also guys like you who have gay pics of them shirtless

crunkedxx 0

agreed. but then it's ur fault u need to convince her that's she's still got it

angel03260 0

7- lmao i love what that happens to. i actually thought i was first to (but i would't have said it like everyone else) but i just missed it.

fretforyerlatte 0

well, at least she's consistent.