By Anonymous - 20/04/2014 17:58 - United Kingdom - Wigan

Today, I found out that even though my girlfriend of 3 years believes sex before marriage or even me just jacking off is a big no, doing online strip-shows for money is a big yes for her. Both times that I've proposed, she claimed she isn't "ready" for marriage. FML
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friedpwnadge 25

She's probably sleeping with other men if she has that kind of double standard.


ea247 20

I second that dump that hypocrite bitch

Leave. Don't try to be with her. She doesn't feel the same way as you, then it won't work

Get out of this relationship now. I don't care if she's hot enough to do online stripshows, she's obviously not the one for you.

buttcramp 21

I agree with #1. OP, why would you propose if this is going on?

He hasn't been *in* that. :P But, yeah, I agree. I don't normally jump on the dump wagon, but this seems pretty clear-cut.

#29 Most likely he proposed during the 3 years they were together and only recently found out what she was doing.

buttcramp 21

good point 68, hadn't thought of that! OP, this really sucks but at least you dodged a bullet.

He obviously loves her, seeing how he proposed to her twice. I would hope he would try to talk to her before he dumps her.

with actions and attitudes like this, she probably won't make a good partner. leave before it's too late.

Saintdyn 9

Just because he loves her doesn't not mean she loves him in the same way.

friedpwnadge 25

She's probably sleeping with other men if she has that kind of double standard.

"But it's OK because I only did that for money. To support us!"

kewpiesuicide 29

That's quite an assumption...

maybe thats because she isn't ready for the commitment? maybe you should rethink marrying her.....

wait hold on a sec, so OP hasnt had sex or jacked off for THREE YEARS? Be free OP! Be freeee (I suppose he would have jacked off when she wasn't there, but still)

Yeah... You need to get out of that immediately

killinpoptarts 9

I'm not one on jumping out of relationships but I would seriously re-evaluate that. And also have a serious sit down talk

ChristianH39 30

If she's this hypocritical I don't think talking is going to help very much.

seriously she's doing online strip shows! her own bf hasnt seen her naked ,but yet half the guys on the Internet have op has more then enough reason to leave her.

Why are you dating someone who does online strip shows?

He might just be in love with a stripper! But seriously people don't openly disclose that while attracting a mate, wgich in this case was op.

It's not the fact that she's a stripper, because if both parties are comfortable with it there's nothing wrong with it. It's not bad that she wants to wait for marriage for sex, either. (although I personally could not, and believe it's a good idea to have sex before marriage, but to each their own.) But to think he shouldn't ********** is a reg flag, coupled with stripping for men who are OBVIOUSLY going to jerk off to her striptease, is what did it for me. OP, you're in an unhealthy relationship and you should get out ASAP.

Smokecloud made all the points I wanted to. Waiting for marriage isn't bad, being a stripper isn't bad, its your body and honestly showing it off for money when so many people show theirs off for notes on a post for free? There are worse things. Telling him he can't ********** is the deal breaker here for me. Let op jerk himself all he wants, he can touch his own body, it does belong to him after all.

#5 I'm guess he didn't even know until just recently.

#46 Smokecloud totally nailed it ! That's it exactly. best of luck to you, op !

well #5 it said he FOUND OUT that she is doing that. Why do you assume he knew this and was okay with this?

Chellybelly92 14

So you can't jack off...but she can be the basis of strangers jacking off...alrighty then.

You have to wonder if she'd be okay with him jacking off to her stripshow then.

Be glad she said no to your proposal and dump her.

ChristianH39 30

That as my first thought, upon learning of her strip shows OP should be relieved that she said no

Durantye 8

I am rarely one for the 'dump them' card but stripping for other men and telling OP no sex till marriage and not to **********. This is a bit ridiculous, she sounded annoying at the no masturbating part but she does online strip shows? That is ****** up.

rocker_chick23 27

Break it off now. She will only get worse.

oddities 20

OP, that's not a healthy relationship. The power imbalance isn't okay and the double standards she has aren't either. That's the kind of relationship you need to either get out of or talk through in couples therapy, depending on how much you both want it to work out. And, from the looks of her rejections, the former might be the preference. I'd try to work it out first though, unless there are worse things being omitted from us or she has cheated on you. Then, just get out whilst you can.

This is obviously not going to work out