By poopshooter101 - 30/06/2009 11:53 - United States

Today, I was at Walmart when my stomach began to hurt. I quickly waddled to the restroom in pain. As soon as I got in the stall, a huge crap exploded out of me. The child in the stall next to me started crying. When her mom asked what was wrong, she said that I'd "killed her nose." FML
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Glam_fml 0

Eh, she'll get over it. I am sure her shit stinks too.

That's the most awesome thing I've read all day.


That's the most awesome thing I've read all day.

seconded. I literally rofl'd well, i was on my bed, but you get the point PS- this would seem an appropriate time to say "shit happens"

lalalaurraa 0

i see what you did therreee!

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#48- You win the funniest comment award! Shit happens, that is gold, stinky, brown gold, but gold! lol

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I totally agree! xD Kudos for funniest comment of the year award! xD You own, #48! xD

Lone_Wolf_099 5

Made me laugh so hard I had to waddle to the bathroom myself.

"I know you like to think your shit don't stink but lean a little closer you'll see that roses really smell like pooo!"

chiodosluvr 0

LMAO! xP kids say tha darnest thingsss. but that mustve been pretty bad.

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lol OMG haha. thats so embarassing...i wouldnt want to be seen by those people LOL