By notgoodenough - 26/10/2016 18:47

Today, I was informed I wouldn't be getting a raise because I hadn't followed the updated protocol. I said I was unaware that there was an updated protocol. My supervisor said, "That's because we didn't tell you about it." FML
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This is why Human Resources departments are necessary.

Imagine if you just didn't tell them you quit...


Imagine if you just didn't tell them you quit...

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Welcome to how the system works.

I think he's racist or ur lazy at work

keep your chin up OP, maybe look for a new job discreetly or double down on your commitment to get a raise and ask again in 3 months

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If they won't bother telling OP about the updated protocol, do you really think that they won't try pulling another fast one if OP does trying doubling down their effort? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

This is why Human Resources departments are necessary.

Human resources department is why these things happen. It's usually them who come up with these ideas. Never forget.. HR exists to protect the company, not the humans who are just resources.

This is why workers organize and vote for unions

No. Human Resource positions were definitely made for the employees benefit. There's no real (evidence of?) conspiracy there, take it from me.

If you have a procedure that is necessary in order to get a raise or promotion then you probably have a HR department. Companies that don't have one just simply give you a raise or promotion without needing to jump through hoops for it.

Spoken like a dedicated HR stooge.

I hate people like this.

It's people like OP's supervisor that makes staff to dislike their jobs or not give their 100%.

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First rule of ****** management, You should be aware of any updates whether told or not. First rule of common sense, Management is ****** up.

It's rigged! It's a rigged system! You should refuse to accept the results and steal office chairs and computers to give you the amount of the raise you deserved!

Some people are just born stupid.

I don't think it's really a matter of intelligence, so much as it is a matter of the manager being an asshole.

After hours talk behind the wood shed- new protocol