By anotherdayfml

Strong incel vibes

Today, I told a guy that I was on birth control. He decided that it would be best for us not to continue speaking with each other. I never would've thought taking care of myself would be a deal breaker. FML
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  E2dav  |  5

Why would you say that? Birth control has nothing to do with the amount sexual partners. The Pill for example can be taken to regulate periods or for hormonal reasons. Plus it's generally a good idea to take precautions in any case & prevent unwanted pregnancy. And who is anyone to decide how many people she is allowed to sleep with? Why do men celebrate their sex lives & judge women for doing the same.

By  Nhayaa  |  21

Don't worry. You'll never do anything right. If you're not on birth control and get pregnant they'll blame you. If you're on birth control it means you're sexually active and they'll blame you. So get over it and live your life, they don't worth it.