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By Anonymous - 27/06/2011 13:55 - United States

Today, my boyfriend said that to be extra careful he's been taking my birth control pills too. FML
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Does he also staple condoms together for "double the protection"

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creative and thoughtful comment, 1! i applaud your efforts!

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Serious question time... I had cyber sex on a webcam with my gf... she did not have protection or antivirus installed... should she and I get tested?

Stapling them would put holes in them. Am I missing a reference here?

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#40 yeah you are lol OP's boyfriend took birth control for extra protection even though it won't do anything for him that's why they made the joke about stapling condoms together

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26 - You're supposed to glue the condoms together not staple duh.

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they are making a joke;) saying that stapling the condoms together would be dumb...same as a man taking birth control.

26-I do that! you can never be to protective! just kidding but that guy probably does do that

36-he's a anus!! ummm....I meant genius DAMN Autocorrect!it seems like this always happens to me

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you don't glue the condoms together, you glue them to the penis. Duh! Nuthin gettin through there!

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97 I was about to say the same thing xD

lol because they suck or because they're bankrupt? Or both?

I don't think your bf is ready for sex, make him wait until he goes through his puberty

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has he started growing boobies yet?

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oh gosh. I hope he doesn't breed. OH WAIT he won't, he's on the pill.

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haha what a keeperr . you wont have to worry about havin babiies (: and cant just use regular glue . get that rubber cement shiit .

Guys! You all know's first!!

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40 you got that trojan virus :( I'm sorry to inform you

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I would laugh if you got pregnant anywayy! :)

maybe OP needs to wear a condom to be extra safe

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guys aren't supposed to take birth control duh it's for girls only. are ya dumb

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that was meant for the first reply lol

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people, how does OP not notice that her birth control has been disappearing? if y'all knew how birth control worked you would understand..

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doesn't every boyfriend do that?

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I just had a wet dream about Megan Fox, and I'm thinking I should meet this chick and makes sure she wants to keep the baby.

this guy must have been dropped on his head several times as a child after his crack-addicted alcoholic mother gave birth to him

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since hes already on the pill maybe you should start wearing condoms too, for extra extra protection ;)

ARE U ******* KIDDING ME??? Hes just a little dumb read the FML dude

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maybe he will start growing boobs

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You can never be too sure I guess...

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I kinda wanna do that. being male if I had boobs I would play with them like a child plays with.. bean bags

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You all are idiots, I hope you know that they have a male contraceptive in pill form as well and him being safe makes him more of a man for taking those precautions. Grow up.

Well according to the FML, OP's boyfriend had been taking HER birth control pills. Please read before you comment next time :)

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he never specified which he was saying, he just said there is a male form of bc.

163 I cannot believe how true that is! genius I tell you(:

163, you've made my day with that fantastic 70's show reference.

If that's you in the picture then wow!!!! u r like amazing! I actualy got excited in my pants! what a beauty! :P

well, you definitely don't want babies with that one.

Einstein's father took birth control pills. O_o

I wish I can delete comments. That one I said was pretty stupid when I look back on it.

83 don't mean to be rude but guessing from your profile your thumb's up is not a good thing.

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I'd have to say no, it is not that great that he did. bright side? your on his better side. lol

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83 - You can't kill Charlie Sheen. He's a warlock.

Actually guessing by 83's profile, he seems pretty awesome.

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A Vaican Assassin Warlock to be exact.

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if Charlie Sheen dies he will become a FOOL!

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OMG what an idiot! who knows what those hormones will do to him. Plus you will be missing some!

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I thought Charlie Sheen was a Troll hunter? :)

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73- Is your name supposed to be Mr.Sassypants or Mrs.Assypants?

203 I thought putting it in my profile would help. Guess not.

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is that a taking rat?!? holy shit :O

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227- Yeah...I wasn't thinking to check...

LOL 82 I almost peed myself reading both your comments (mainly the second) HAHA

the awkward moment when some douche comments FIRST and hes not first... infact hes not even 2nd or 3rd :L

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no, he needs to help her eat them

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no you and the 11 people that liked you and everyone else saying he is stupid are can take birth control they do have a male version in pill form.

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148 you're the stupid one. He's been taking HER birth control. Not male pills. Read the FML before you call someone stupid when they're in the right.

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similies06 you're the dumb one haha ohh what has this world come to?! haha.

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if this is the same dude that bust in his pants he is taking safe sex to another level.. : )