By stressedoutsquaddie - United Kingdom - York
Today, while away on training with the army, my housemates rang me to tell me some news. They had found a perfect house for next year and they had put an offer on it. The only problem? There are 5 of us and the house is for 4. Guess who hasn't been included. FML
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  arkh_angel  |  16

So everyone who upvoted #1 would happily discuss with their roommates? Roommates that makes plans in your back? They found the "perfect" house so they're not pulling back. And even if they do, they're not to be trusted anymore.

  iAmPaul  |  49

You people all seem to undervalue pre-existing relationships and are very quick to throw them out the window. You don't even know the details of this FML's situation.

By  Fang713  |  28

I'm sorry, OP. But maybe it's a good thing. No one wants to live with people that are so thought less, especially to someone in military training. God speed, OP.

By  10220706  |  16

Some people are just so damn inconsiderate. I mean maybe they could have just called you before putting up an offer. Just maybe. At least you would know before it was practically finalized.

  mariri9206  |  32

If all they did was put in an offer, it's not "practically finalized." The owner selling it could have other offers, maybe an offer they like better, and tell OP's roommates no.