By Anonymous - 11/06/2014 22:20 - United States - Barnhart

Today, I woke up screaming like a little bitch. I'd been having a bizarre dream where I was having sex with Homer Simpson, when he suddenly had a heart attack and fell on me, crushing me to death. I think my brain needs a douching. FML
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@63 Your picture is perfect for the comment lol

Doh! I didn't want to die so young. Good way to die though isn't it Margie ;)

incoherentrmblr 21

Patti/Selma, is that you?...

#32 is right. Its spelled D'oh. Look it up.

That's pretty crappy

DaMann360 19

Unless she enjoyed the sex part

well homer is a hottie, i can see why op would have that dream.

Op should start practicing lucid dreams. Next time save the poor man from dying!!

You have very good dreams.

Depends on your definition of "good"

Your mind scares me...

ill_Will23 8

Lol your pic scared me

Nederlander95 14


JMichael 25

Start calling you Marge

Well, you should get your dreams checked out and see what they mean.

meganlovestea 15

Yeah I'm sure there's a section in every dream book/website about having sex with Homer Simpson

There is a section for everything, I know, I'm a therapist/psychologist

There is probably a blanket category like having uncomfortable/unsuccessful sex, but I highly doubt that Homer Simpson is a category.

It could have been worse... It could have been his friend Barney.

martin8337 35

Or more worse, Mr. Burns.

meganlovestea 15

Mr. Burns would release the hound on you!

AnOriginalName 19

What about Mr. Flanders?

But Flanders is sexy though

krystenk93 23

Or Smithers...

Or Hans Moleman...

meganlovestea 15

Nah Ned Flanders wouldn't, he's not a hey-diddly-ho

Or Comic Book Guy

stupid sexy Flanders...

Looks like Homer's lust.....*puts on sunglasses*......just took a dive *walks away dramatically*


willow196 9


give me a call im into that stuff too