Night terrors

By Anonymous - 25/09/2015 20:14 - Germany

Today, I brutally stabbed a guy to death for smiling at me, then puked and fainted. Then I woke up in bed, panicking, sweating like a pig and crying because I thought my dream was real and I was going to go to prison. I'm never taking sleeping medication again. FML
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shiny_shipper 28

As I read the beginning I was thinking something had slipped past moderation...FYL

Hmm, maybe you did but just don't remember crawling back into bed after. Dun Dun Dun Duuuuuuun.


shiny_shipper 28

As I read the beginning I was thinking something had slipped past moderation...FYL

Same here. My first though was "Woah.. FML just got real."

daniel271 13

That's exactly what I was thinking.

Don't is the correct form. Not only did you make an ass of yourself, you made yourself look stupid too.

Don't means do not. As in: this do not belong on fml. Doesn't means does not. As in: this does not belong on fml. "Doesn't" is, in fact, the correct word to use here.

I just got done watching Season 4 of Dexter so at this point nothing can surprise me.

tantanpanda 26

Story time! My mom drove to the market, stocked up on groceries, drove home, put everything away and went to her room- all while asleep under sleeping pills. She had no recollection of the event and we were all shocked. Now we know that women require a lower dose of sleeping medication, but in 2003, full dose with amnesia occurred a lot! smh. Cray cray!

My mother took ambien and the warning actually said you could have sex while asleep.

Not gonna lie... read the first line three times and thought wtf?

I feel for you. One of the meds I'm on gives me horrifying nightmares. My husband says he hears me crying and saying "help me!" in my sleep sometimes.

Oh my god, that sounds traumatizing. I hope that's not the case for long though... I couldn't imagine having to experience that from either side.

Holy hell. Talk to your doctor and ask for an alternative. There are sleep medications that work differently that might not give you the nightmares. That they are giving you that violent of nightmares means it is not working as intended, and are defeating the purpose of taking them- which is better sleep. Hell, even a change as minor as going from name brand to generic could be enough of a difference to help stop them.

I take a couple uppers I down a couple downers But nothing compares To these blue and yellow purple pills I been to mushroom mountain Once or twice but who's countin' But nothing compares To these blue and yellow purple pills

I would rather go about my day sleep deprived than wake up from such vivid nightmares. Yep. **** that. Those are nope-pills.

Well now you have learned something about your body you didn't know! You can't take any sleeping meds! Look on the bright side, you wouldn't want them to actually work because then if you are just haveing a wee bit of trouble sleeping you will just start taking them thinking oh well this will help right away!! And you don't want that because it will start being harder for you to go to sleep naturally. Trust me that happened to my mom and now she has such a hard time falling asleep with our any help from this things.

Symantha23 25

Nightmares are the worse. I would never take those sleeping pills again.

Sounds like someone's been watching too many Tarantino movies.