By lovedontlivehere - United States
Today, after waiting all day to get into my favorite band's concert, I got front row. At the end, one of them grabbed my CD and got the whole band to sign it. The last band member tossed it into the crowd, nowhere near me. FML
lovedontliveher tells us more :
hey guys OP here. it was at the Hard Rock Live show in orlando. the kick off of the lady antebellum need you now tour. i handed my cd to dave haywood, who gave it to hillary scott, who gave it to charles kelley who then tossed it into the crowd. and by front row i meant i was in the 'front' since it was gen admission. believe me it really happened, i would have never in a million years thought up this.
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  rallets  |  22

i just got back from a concert. it was awesome, the band threw a CD signed by the all the band members into the crowd and i was the one to catch it. :P

By  LordArion201  |  0

damn that sux. but if ur a tru fan, then u'd flag down their next concert and get em to sign something again. if it happens a second time, then sock one of em lol. ah I'm jst runnin off the top of my head, fyl

  justsomgirl  |  4

it could also be because they think the conversation they're having is funny and everyone is just going to think they're sooo cool. it's not though. it's obnoxious.

By  lostinmymind121  |  0

I'm not buying this story. I've been to too many shows to believe this, just for starters... not too many places have rows... and an even smaller number of bands would throw a cd into a crowd anymore.

  doink  |  0

I once got hit in the face with a cd at a show.

Perhaps the OP meant "front" as opposed to front row. I waited in line for hours at the forementioned show, even though I already had a ticket. I just wanted to be up front.

By  mrahhhhh  |  21

I brought my Megadeth CD covers (little booklets) to the show in Long Beach a few weeks back. Looking back now I'm glad I didn't pass them onstage cause that might have happened to me.

  sourgirl101  |  28

Totally agree! I've seen JudasPriest 5 times. Didn't enjoy their last tour because "British Steel" isn't my favorite album and that's all they played but that man can still sing his ass off.

I can't listen to the song "Turbo Lover" in my car without speeding like a demon.

  TheLetterZero  |  7

Slayer < Anthrax < Megadeth.

Judas Priest < Everything

I'm allowed to say this because I noticed these bands mentioned and feel a need to state my opinion which is a fact in every way because I said so.

  MetalFish  |  0

Whilst I am aware you did that for comical effect, the fact that you say everything is better than Judas Priest shows you know nothing of metal (If you truly mean it)

Even JP Haters cannot deny how much JP have done for the world of metal, I'd say they are just under Dio in influence.