By Anonymous - 09/12/2018 22:00

Today, I finally summoned the courage to ask my roommate to chip in for electricity costs. She called me a bitch, proceeded to tell me she can't afford it despite working full time and I part time, and blocked me on all communications. Uhm, what ? FML
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Watt can you do about such re-volt-ing behavior? Charge her for the power or kick her out of your ohm.


This is not even dad joke funny, this is just bad

Just don't resort to assault and battery.

Time to take all her shit to the curb, including her.

ameliakate 9

I witness the exact same arrangement every day and the lady that is in your position is living from week to week to fully pay off their bill and is absolutely miserable. Get out of that situation. Before it costs you more than money.

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Why would you take a roommate without working out all the details in advance?

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Change the locks when she’s at work and throw her shit in the driveway. Maybe she’ll get the message

Phil 14

In most states that's not legal. Once a person is in an apartment as a roommate-whether on the lease or not, you pretty much have to go through the courts to get them out. I would check it out with the landlord, and see what they can do. It might also be a good idea to hire a lawyer. It's going to take some time.

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Alright, feminists, where are you? You can fight for equal rights but not the responsibility?

Kick that selfish bitch out and find someone with a soul to replace her.