By urgg - 05/09/2010 14:20 - United States

Today, I woke up from a dream in which I had a penis. Apparently I talk in my sleep, because my boyfriend kept staring at my crotch. FML
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Wow... Never happened to me.

What did you name it? :D


Wow... Never happened to me.

Maybe you kept saying you had a bigger dick then him

Pegging FTW? :D

Ha! My friend had a dream she was a man not long ago. Is this a normal thing women dream about?

It's a normal thing you dream about.

Burned by Freeze. Oximorons for the win.

I've always had those dreams and wondered if it's normal!

23- I'm living the dream :)

23- I'm a girl, and I've never once had a dream like that.

I agree with 42. O.o

I've had a dream the other way round..

I have dreams like that every now and then

WTF ! that's awkward & no it's not normal for a girl

Maybe you were stroking yourself and it freaked him out

#42, I wasn't talking to you.

suppressed08, you look EXACTLY like me..

never have I dreamed about that

otheriBlair: your hair is ADORABLE

I guess that was a (puts on sunglasses) long night

king dingaling I like the fail pic

77- Thanks :D I dont consider it a fail because he's just trying to get some head. ;D I don't blame him for wanting to try something new.

70 Comment fail. 83 Ah I thought you said it's a doggy style fail? >:D

#19, I dream I have a penis or am a male sometimes, but then I'm an androgyne so it kind of makes sense that I would.

87- You stalker! :p Sike naw, lol. My opinion about it changed!

Futanari FTW.

usually not !! lol

omg O.O honestly, i also had a dream like that last night. it was fun ;)

yea it normal I've had those lol

ladiaday! thts my name! cept I spell it and pronounce it differently

guys always look there nothing to do with ur dream

68-you're freakin hot

The clown has NO penis.

#49 you had a dream where a penis had a you?

Hahahahahaha fail... Be careful next time.

Im sorry but how are you supposed to be careful in a situation like this lol?

You must be smart!

damn girl you lookin good

too much make up though...

Also, saying "I'm awesome" in your description kind of makes you sound like a stuck up bitch.

What did you name it? :D

"I shall call you Eduardo!"

D: That's one of my middle names, dude. Not cool.

hahaha dude that's my name!

o_o Dear Lord. D:

what? why dear lord?

There's like 3 people with the name Eduardo (or in my case, middle name) here. How odd. Lol.

Shud have named him Jesus(;

Sounds like he liked it.

I wonder what she said in her sleep for her boyfriend to know what she was dreaming about? "SUCK MAH DILZNICK, BIATCH!!" Boyfriend's like, "...?"


Lol, show him to prove you don't have one... unless he's into that kind of thing.

Maybe he keeps staring at your crotch hoping your dream comes true.

9- that would be the FML of the story. At least he didn't start bobbing for apples, right OP??

.......that's hot.....

Woah I wonder what's the story of your dream. owO

Bet he had a look of horror on his face!! ahahahaha!!!