By Ben - 01/03/2010 03:46 - United States

Today, I was arrested for DWI in my own apartment complex. I had to be released into the custody of a sober adult, but I wasn't allowed access to my phone to get any numbers. I only have a few memorized. So I was picked up from jail by my ex-girlfriend and her fiancé - my manager at work. FML
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this is a huge ydi. don't drive drunk idiot

Go to fucking hell, OP. Here's hoping you wind up with your head inside a tree trunk sooner or later. Two of my friends have died thanks to people like you.


this is a huge ydi. don't drive drunk idiot

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I was killed by a drunk driver

don't drink and drive

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did u have a threesome with them?

go die In a hole stay in jail dick head

YDI in so many ways. Drunk driving? How bad was it that you got pulled over in a parking lot? You don't have anyone else's number memorized except your ex? You deserve the arrest, fines, and unemployment coming your way.

fuck the bullshit and what everyone's talking about, I totally drive better when I'm drunk. I'm too busy falling the fuck apart worrying about the fuckin po'po to do anything dangerous. trust, folks are more at risk when I'm driving sober, they call me Larry Leadfoot.

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omg u fucking retard he got it in his own apartment so I don't get why he would get it what was he driveing GTA 4 come on

You obviously deserve it.

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how were u killed if ur on here

#104: I have a few friends who absolutely drive better when they are drunk, and it hasn't stopped them from getting a DUI. Driving while drunk is just stupid. Period. Where I live, DUI checkpoints are legal. That means they stop EVERYONE. They don't need to have cause. If you try to turn around before it, you're likely to get pulled over by another cop in the area watching. Doesn't matter how well you drive. If you end up in one of those, you're going to jail.

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#104: Oh I totally get where you're coming from. I happen to throw farther when my arm's broken, and run faster when my ankle's sprained.

Fake n' Gay plus YDI

#9 made my day :D

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fuckin idiot.

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#138 hahaha

if you drive better while drunk get the fuck off the road. Drinking impairs your thinking, hence you thought that fat chick was a hot babe, or that texting your ex to tell him that you are still in love with him at 2 in the morning, was an awesome idea. So while you think you are driving so well, you're actually putting everyone else's life at risk. The drunk that killed my brother thought he was driving just fine, denied to the bitter end that he was in the wrong.

all I can say is YDI you loser.

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This shit happens all the time in Wisconsin. Looks like the laws are finally going to get a little tougher.

You reap what you sew. You deserved it.

Learn how to spell before you chastise others, okay?

#130 what part of that is spelled wrong?

It's sow, not sew.

Actually, #130, it is sew. Look it up, retard.

not really, sew refers to stitching something together with thread, sow means to plant. You reap what you sew means you get what put in

"you reap what you sow" means you harvest what you planted. sewing (manipulating fabric with a needle and thread) has nothing to do with it.

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sow is a female pig, you fucking morons

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Sow 1 : to plant seed for growth especially by scattering [..] I'm not even a native english speaker and still know this, you should be ashamed. You fucking idiots.

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You know this? More like go to a dictionary website and ctrl c. It's clearly copied directly from a website, stop trying to sound smarter than you really are.

At least he's smart enough to know that words can have multiple definitions.

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Wow you deserve this one

Go to fucking hell, OP. Here's hoping you wind up with your head inside a tree trunk sooner or later. Two of my friends have died thanks to people like you.

at least u get a nice laugh about that.

your a fucking asshole. don't have kids. cause more people like you would be a danger to society!

Going to have to agree with snickerdoodles on this one.

I love you..... not

wow wait a minute - was he convicted already? or are you one of the jurors? what about "not guilty until proven"?