Bobs and vagene

By analeis - 25/03/2012 18:04 - United Kingdom - Liverpool

Today, I was vomiting after an evening of drinking. My boyfriend was kind enough to hold my hair back while I spewed chunks into the toilet. Apparently he got bored though, because his hands made their way down to my boobs, which he started jiggling while singing Jingle Bells. FML
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chillyCholo 5

For example, "Puke" by Eminem..

Jingle Boobs Jingle Boobs Jingle All the Way Oh, What Fun It Is to Ride In A One Girl Open Vajayjay

Well holding back someones hair while they puke isn't exactly fun now is it lol. But hey whatever makes him happy right lol. It's good to know you have someone for you OP, chin up

nofearjenshere 12

You don't know how sick you make me. You make me ******* sick to my stomach, every time I think of you I puke.

Hahaha puke by eminem sounds like a great song for this

nofearjenshere 12

Obviously female, considering they said, "I know a girl..."

2cute4u_18 1

56- Actually it is not obvious because 40 is obviously either dumb or confused because they put, "I know a girl...," but also, "his parents."

I've concluded that they're a hermaphrodite, this way we all win... Except 40's friend.

Calm down wave, we were only joking. I understand your studying experience.

OP at least he was there for you, another guy would leave and wait outside. Plus he sounds fun, he is a keeper.

Obviously male considering 40 said "don't know what HIS parents were thinking". Please, shut up and don't be a snob.

Calm down. Its not that serious baby girl.

I have been trying to find 40 where is it ( I feel really stupid right now)

chlorinegreen 27

Just to put my two cents in I'm guessing the boyfriend wasn't completely sober himself.

Metal_Chick 15

Interesting...22 and 45 get thumbs up for suggesting Puke by Eminem goes great with this FML; however, 33 gets thumbs down for writing the lyrics to the song?

They probably thought she was talking about OP. I know I was until you said that!

I thumbed you up 33. It's not that I still love you, it's not that I want you back. It's every time I think you of of you, it makes me wanna YAAAAKKK!

#180 some people just don't know the lyrics and they assume #33 is a bitch.

nofearjenshere 12

Awe, I'm not a bitch guys. (: I would never say anything like that to anyone, I just didn't realize that people wouldn't recognize the lyrics to the song. :b

I don't know the words so I made up my own xD

If that is not love, I don't know what is.

Oh what fun it is to slap boobs all the way HEY!

Just be thankful is wasn't singing "White Christmas"

36- Obviously, still a better love story than Twilight

He's just trying to lighten up the mood. No need to **** your life for that

chatterbabe 0

Ahahahaha! Sounds like my old man. Pervs...

perdix 29

"Old man" can mean father or boyfriend. I hope you mean the latter. Otherwise, . . . yuck.

Estapc 3

Most people in the "South" refer to their husbands as "old man". Well at least in LA, GA, and KY.

Old man implies an elderly gentlemen, and in some cases it can mean father. I.E. My old man. I guess it does kind of make sense tho that in the south it could also mean boyfriend...

Well if you've ever heard of a man referring to his significant other as the "old lady", then it makes sense for a woman to be referring to theirs as "old man". Although personally I would never use it, it does sound pretty creepy and just reminds me of my dad.

old lady sort of makes me think of motorcycle gangs. old man makes me think of Wally and the beav talking about Mr. cleaver

Epsilonyx 15

This bothers me as much as girls who call their boyfriends daddy...blech.

desireev 17

It's part of the southern lingo, if you will. Everyone down here, in the South, calls their boyfriend or girlfriend their "ol' man" or "ol' lady". Sorry guys, but let's not be judgmental. Millions of people live in the US, but there are many different kinds of cultures and people. And, with that, comes MANY different accents and slang. So let's not be judgmental! We may live 'down yonder' and say "ol' man" and "ol' lady", but we are still people. I promise that we aren't freaks who hook up with our fathers! :)

Family guy, Peter does the southern thing and wants to have sex with meg. Haha. Good episode.

dontpanic_fml 32

Old man means father. Done. Weirdo

Hope you're not related to courtney love cause that b is crazy!

omgcookeys 15


megapeyt 17

Wow, he sounds like a swell guy. I say dump him and trade up ;)

5 I really hope that was sarcasm cause that's no reason to dump someone for trying to take a crappy moment and make it funny.

A lot of people just think they can dump their bf/gf's of they do something wrong. Makes me wonder how they got a date in the first place...

Because, "Oh my god, they are just so dreamy." It's stupid how some people think relationships are expendable. This FML is not an example of a relationshit

Once I read, "I was vomiting after an evening of drinking," I hit the YDI button :D

Did your hair fall in your face once he stopped holding it? I'm in suspense!

RedPillSucks 31

Nope. He held her hair and boxed with her boobies like a champ.

62-- I believe he had her hair in one hand and her boob in the other, then alternated. If not, how many hands does your boyfriend have, OP...?

desireev 17

I'm trying to figure out when it became illegal to spend an evening drinking and getting sick... Everyone has done it at one point in their life or another. (If you're old enough to drink, of course!) I get sick when I drink wine. I love the taste. And I don't get drunk from it.. It just doesn't settle on my stomach well. Maybe the OP wasn't drunk. Maybe the OP didn't drink too much. Maybe they just had an uneasy feeling and got sick from it. People are so judgmental nowadays! And even if she did drink too much, as long as she is old enough to drink legally and didn't abandon responsibilities, then she is allowed to get sick from drinking too much! That doesn't mean she deserves it! NOBODY deserves to be sick to a point that they're vomiting! Judgmental people... Ugh! Nobody's perfect! So who are you to say she deserved it?!

170 - Drinking responsibly is fine, however when one drinks until they puke, there is a problem. Also, not everyone has gone to the point of vomitting in life.

170 - Please stop boring us with your rambling comments. If you post on FML, you WILL get judged. Go back home with "your old man", open a box of wine and read along with the rest of the class. So the rest of us can enjoy this posting and maintain our sanity, please refrain from posting on this subject any longer. Thanks, Y'all!

Are you saying that none of you has ever drunk too much, at least once in your life?

I will put my hand up and say I'm guilty, everyone needs to chill put. To each their own, let us kill our braincells in piece.

Not everyone drinks so much that they have to puke. My last alcoholic beverage was half of a pina colada that i had on my 21st birthday. I had only half because i had to work later that night.

archenemybtch 0

170- You complain to much. I think you should just quit while you're ahead because you are annoying the crap out of everyone.

170 - the fact that she stated it as she did makes me believe she was binge drinking. Binge drinking is when you drink twice your legal limit in one night. If you drink this much you are causing yourself harm. If she got sick just from the taste then she should have stated that she was vomiting from an illness. She deserved it. In the end she is just causing herself harm.

That sucks, the day after my 21st was my first day at a new job, they made me use the vacuum with a massive hangover

If you saw a heroin junkie vomiting in an alley after a shot of fentanyl would you think that is acceptable behavior? Probably not. Most people would think it is sad and disturbing. It is sad and disturbing, just like excess alcohol intoxication. It's no different really. The body doesn't care about its legal status. If you think it's ok to drink to puking excess then you should never condemn any other drug abuser and never support any drug prohibition.

dontpanic_fml 32

Well if that's not the dumbest thing I've ever read 170...drinking to that excess is disgusting. I've spent more nights puking than I can remember, and I stopped that behavior in myself eventually because I realized how terrible it is. Are you going to honestly tell me you think that is normal?

I read the first sentence and then automatically voted YDI.

So by your logic drinking too much and throwing up is a free invitation to unsolicited contact?

9- No, he said he only read the first part, "I was vomiting after an evening of drinking" and voted that she deserved to be sick. He made an exact point of mentioning he did Not read any further which included being felt up and sang to. :p So by his logic, which I agree with, if you drink in excess, yes you deserve to be sick from it. Simple, basic cause and effect. :p

Except that clicking "YDI" doesn't mean "OP deserves being sick for drinking too much" because that's not the main point of the FML. I agree she deserves vomiting for drinking too much. But she doesn't deserve other people acting like an ass while she's vomiting.

^ Neither 7 nor 54 said it was the main point if the FML idiot. They merely said that if she drank excessively, then she deserved to be sick, because that is what results from drinking too much. Still don't get it? Here: OP+Excessive Drinking =YDI. Hope that clears things up for you.

81, well if the OP had never gotten drunk there wouldn't be in the position of needing someone to hold up her hair. It is the OP's fault from all perspectives of the FML.

9, No, drinking too much negates the unsolicited contact. When in relationships, we just call this "groping". I doubt you get a nod of approval before always touching your partner...

The_Hitdude - Clearly you're the idiot. Notice how I said "I agree she deserves vomiting for drinking too much" in my previous comment? Yes, I needed something that I said myself to be cleared up for me. Idiot.

Give up Sadist... You're just fueling the fire.

desireev 17

Maybe it's just me being kindhearted, but I don't think that anyone actually deserves to get sick from drinking. She never said she drank too much. She could be like me and a certain alcohol just doesn't settle well on her tummy... I drink wine. White wine is good. And so is red wine. But I could have one glass of red wine and it won't settle well on my stomach. I get sick from it without being drunk or even slightly intoxicated. Everyone is assuming she drank too much.. Like I said, the alcohol could have just not settled well on her stomach...

bitch_pleez 10

But if op can't handle alcohol it's something you would be aware of so still ydi

Nobody deserves to be sick.... Unless they bring it on themselves. You are in control of your actions and if you can't decide for yourself when enough is enough then you shouldn't be drinking.

And as far as maybe the alcohol doesn't settle well with her stomach, there is a reason for that. It's your body telling you to stop and that the alcohol is bad for you.

171, Maybe you haven't encountered enough drunk people to see why they deserve to be sick.

olpally 32

Agreed... He could have left her by herself in her own pile of vomit.. Be grateful he was there for you op and took care of you :)

He was doing you a favor, got bored and started entertaining himself. I don't see a problem, at least he held your hair back for you.

RedPillSucks 31

What if he took he opportunity to go doggy style on her? Ok, as long as he held her hair back too?

76, Except he didn' that doesn't apply at all. What if he used the opportunity to repeat the holocaust too? Like oh emm gee! That's crazy! Except we are only really judging him on the things he ACTUALLY did, not just stuff that could have potentially happened.

Well I know I wouldn't be letting 76 hold my hair when I'm vomiting.