Hey guys op here again. I was so overtired that I couldn't quite put it together that one should in fact unfold a folding chair to properly use it. I should have made this clear, I suppose, based on the colossal backlash I've received. Thanks, all.

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I understand... Those damn things are tough as hell...

I'm surprised OP even finished writing this FML...


I understand... Those damn things are tough as hell...

This is 'murica

Right.. Because there is absolutely no other country with lazy people.. Gotta love generalizations!

#8 if America is not the laziest "major" country in the world then we are at least top 3. There is no denying that

9- according to this (http://www.globalpost.com/photo-galleries/5682400/top-10-most-obese-countries-the-world-photos#8) we are not even in the top 5 most obese countries, so I don't know if that is true. Then again I don't know how accurate that website is. It claims it gets it's numbers from the World Health Organization. Edit - I didn't see the world "major", in which case we are.

We need siestas to recharge our batteries. :P

Wait he said "unfolded folding chair". Wouldn't that mean he wouldn't have to open it? The only he would have to would be if it was folded.

#20, out of the 10 countries listed there, how many other than the US have you even heard of before? For me, only the Dominican, which came in at number 10, have I heard of before looking through that. I'm fairly certain I wouldn't consider the Dominican to be a major country either.

If you're looking at sheer laziness and not obesity (the two have different contributing factors, generally speaking), US has some of the hardest-working people of the industrialized, western world as far as a typical work week and work year go. Your employer can make you work year round with minimal rest in the US, whereas most other industrialized western countries get a government mandated minimum amount of vacation time (3-5 weeks worth, from what I've seen).

#65 you are incorrect, Canada receives the least number of government mandated holidays, coming in at 19, whereas the USA has 25. And although I'm unfamiliar with South America, I am guessing they receive a low number as well.

57- I had personally heard of 7 of the countries listed there, but either way, I did edit my post saying that I realized the U.S. was the Highest major country there. But oh well, I guess I didn't get my point across as I intended.

#65 I misread your comment said vacation time, however I think my point is still valid.

69 - The US doesn't have any mandated government holidays. We have ten federal holidays that all government organizations observe, but private industry can choose not to: New Year's Day, MLK Day, Washington's Birthday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas. If you're referring to "holiday" as in vacation; private sectors don't have to have any vacation days for their employees if they choose not to.

That should say "most" not "all". I forgot public schools can choose to have school on Veteran's Day if they have a ceremony of some kind in acknowledgement of the day.

#65 obesity and laziness go hand in hand

I'm not obese, I am however extremely lazy.. Lazier than op..

Just like the farther away the remote is, the more you like what's on tv

#43 He said "unopened folding chair" which means it was folded.

Oh okay I kept reading "unfolded" for some reason. My bad.

He said "unopened" which means it was still folded.

Hey, if you were able to sit then do it. It'll just be less comfortable.

Uh just to clarify here. He said 'unfolded' which would mean that it is open.

He also said he was too lazy to open it. So I'm going to assume it was closed

Unfolded-Opened Folded-Closed

There, they fixed it. My point rests.

If you opened it normally, then you would have had to expend effort. And who would want to do that.

Crazy people, for sure. Who would want to use a mild amount of effort rather than be uncomfortable?

Actually OP said the chair was unfolded, which technically means it was open. If the chair was unopened it would be folded.

OP meant that the chair was not open. Why else would he/she say they did not open it. YDI OP. UNless its and extremely completed folding chair it would tak about 3 second to open or 'unfold'. And as for generalizations there are lazy people all over the world. No country is exempt.

#5- And who would want to do that?* You are no Grammar Nazi.

I assumed that by unopened, it was still in the packaging and OP didn't want to put in the effort to unwrap it.

I wasn't saying it as a question, so why would I write it like one?

Just sit on the floor and then you can call yourself lazy.

As long as you were comfortable......I guess.......

*lowers sunglasses* It's contagious. YOLO.

7- *Raises sunglasses* It's pathetic. You only live once....so do it right the first time! That level of laziness doesn't deserve to be excused with some stupid quip, it deserves to be hit with a bucket of ice water and given a motivational kick in the ass. ;p Just my limited opinion. ;)

Don't ever take Perdix seriously. If you think he actually means 'YOLO' to this FML, then you haven't been around FML long enough to know that 99% of the time, Perdix is sarcastic and/or satirical. He's a satirical person.. He's not actually stupid enough to give into the YOLO or think this is a legit 'YOLO' occasion.

106- No offense, I think he has been around longer.

105- Lol, it may surprise you to know but I actually am a fan of Perdix's commentary and charm. :) Having been reading what he comes up with for a year and a half now, I learned early on how he's here for the humourous contribution alone. In this particular fml however, my deep annoyance with the Op leaked through everything I said, but I wasn't attacking Perdix personally. :) Perdix, sorry if came out like that buddy! (hugs!) ;)

Hey it fits it sits

I agree, being lazy is a choice that you can change with just a bit of determination.

You should have just sat on the floor ._.'

Or you could've stood the whole time...

Why even get the chair in the first place?