By ctop - 13/05/2011 05:45 - United States

Today, I was sitting in the lecture hall. A girl walked by to get to her seat and her dress got caught on the handles, lifting it up. She didn't notice but I did, so I tried to take it off the handles. She turned around to see me holding her dress up. FML
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Lizza330 28

I think you should've asked her if she wanted help, because now she probibly thinks you're a creep.


BurtonX56 0 pretty sure i beat it to you last night....if you know what i mean(:

I think I know what you mean, but not liking where this is headed lol

really op if you are going to do something like help a girls dress get uncaught you should atleast ask if you can help.

She should have b***ch slapped you.

you should said "this is exactly what it looks like"

PurpleRae420 0

Haha awkward lmao just explain it to her what happened unless you really are a perv!

well, at least you tried to help. not everything goes well. and you probably got some eye candy anyways

Jaimegirl 7
upstartzero 0

open mouth. insert foot. this has been a cliche comment courtesy of upstartzero!!!

sematariux 7

beef your picture made me rofl for real

I hope she at least looked good under that dress.

that's why u shouldn't do good deeds when it comes to dresses an us girls or not even skirts...DEFINATELY NOT SKIRTS cuz that just leads to a slap in the face and the girl saying 'U PERVERT!'

robotiick 12

op: . (girl finds out) op:

I would have used this excuse too if I was him...

FuniiBunii 0

u should've been like "that's funny how did ur dress got in my hand?"

staceysgenesis16 0

well your not really a pervert but you should have said something before you went and grabbed her dress.

This reminds me of High School High when the teacher trys to pull a thread off the principals dress and ends up unravelling it, but OP probably should have just said something.

maybe she liked his direct approach. not many guys are ballsy enough to straight lift a girl's skirt

Lizza330 28

I think you should've asked her if she wanted help, because now she probibly thinks you're a creep.

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iReadFmlsFml 0

Exactly, don't do anything, a simple tap on the shoulder and "Ma'am, your dress?" Wake up people of the world, don't be idiots, that's what usually gets you to post on this site.

Vanguard507 0

I can only imagine his face as looking like a deer caught in the headlights :P. But anyways, yeah. A simple prod on the shoulder and a heads up would have done the trick.

I saw a deer's face like that, right before it crashed through the windshield

LexxyLiime 0

i agree. He should have asked..

Even if you we just trying to help.. that's kinda creepy.

What color panties was she wearing? or was she going commando? :-)

Lizza330 28

Who would wear a dress or skirt without wearing panties?

Ummm hellooo? Me...only on the weekends, though. And Mel Gibson.

mintcar 9

3, I completely agree. Not too sure why you got so many down votes.

lmao 118 I think it's cause I spelled "were" wrong..

zaleh 23

something like it happened to me too

Should of just told her, most people think that if you try to even help them you're obviously wanting to get into their pants.

I don't think the girl would believe OP. She just gonna scream pervert although that was 75% of OP's intention ;)

Jazzalyn 10

Sounds like something straight out of an anime. (If you don't watch - basically if a guy gets caught in a questionable/compromising situation, even if it's completely accidental, and there's a girl involved too, it's always his fault. Even if he was just trying to help the girl). But next time, would probably be better to just let her know.

lmao! I was thinking the exact same thing!

lulututu 4

anime huh? and to be that familiar with it, that you can relate something to it? now your on fml, you see what I'm going with here? go get laid.

lulututu 4

go ahead and hate me. :) what? you think that affects me? no, it doesn't. but what i dislike obviously affects you. which is sad.:)!!