By ctop - / Friday 13 May 2011 05:45 / United States
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  lunaXXdennice  |  0

that's why u shouldn't do good deeds when it comes to dresses an us girls or not even skirts...DEFINATELY NOT SKIRTS cuz that just leads to a slap in the face and the girl saying 'U PERVERT!'

  TookaWooka666  |  0

This reminds me of High School High when the teacher trys to pull a thread off the principals dress and ends up unravelling it, but OP probably should have just said something.

  iReadFmlsFml  |  0

Exactly, don't do anything, a simple tap on the shoulder and "Ma'am, your dress?" Wake up people of the world, don't be idiots, that's what usually gets you to post on this site.

  Vanguard507  |  0

I can only imagine his face as looking like a deer caught in the headlights :P.

But anyways, yeah. A simple prod on the shoulder and a heads up would have done the trick.

By  Jazzalyn  |  10

Sounds like something straight out of an anime. (If you don't watch - basically if a guy gets caught in a questionable/compromising situation, even if it's completely accidental, and there's a girl involved too, it's always his fault. Even if he was just trying to help the girl).

But next time, would probably be better to just let her know.

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