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By haus - 19/01/2010 19:38 - United States

Today, I had to go to court to see whether my driver's license is suspended for an entire year. I woke up early, went to court, and everything went perfectly, with all the charges being dropped. Unfortunately, I then woke up, and am now going to be late. FML
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But you still found time to post here? YDI

he probably did it after the meeting you dumbass


if your gunna be late then get off the damn computer and leave already!

But you still found time to post here? YDI

he probably did it after the meeting you dumbass

Yes, because the OP couldn't have written this from the courthouse while waiting? It's called a phone that can access the internet.

It's still likely they typed it afterward.

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Your all ******* retarded smartasses

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Hahaha damnnnn! that's kinda funny but I know how that is

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Nice reading comprehension you have there. Do you want a cookie? This FML doesn't deserve an award for best writing, but it's not that hard to understand, guys.

This FML belongs on a reading comprehension test. If only this site required you to take one to comment..

that's not a FML. That's you complaining about your dreams that nobody cares about. YDI

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buy an alarm clock. YDI especially if the reason you were going to court was for a DUI or something similar. If you did something stupid and dangerous enough to cost you your license for a year I'm glad you won't be on the roads!

sorry i don't go on the message boards here, what does YDI mean? you deserved it?

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YDI from the start. And next time do #6 said BUY A DAM ALARM CLOCK

This is a super confusing and muddled FML, I had to read it five times just to understand it. And you YDI, 1) for doing something that would result in your driver's license getting suspended, and 2) for waking up late on such an important day.

The fact that you had to read this five times to understand it makes me sad for you & your future 8 fingered children. At least they'll be good at swimming, what with the gills & webbed digits! But I do agree with both point 1 and point 2 that you make, YDI OP.

totes_sucks, stop being a jerk. This FML is written extremely poorly and barely makes sense. I had to read it several times to understand it as well, because the repeated use of "I woke up" creates an extremely illogical story structure.

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Totes was rather rude in how he phrased what he said however you do have some comprehension issues if you had to read this not once or twice but several times.

Funnily enough, I read it once and understood perfectly. The way OP worded his sentence made it funny. And unpredictable. I immediately thought he got into a car accident, which makes this posting much better then others. Figure it out #22

This was painfully easy to figure out.

I'm sorry that you feel I'm being rude, it's just that there is nothing wrong with this FML. It's clearly worded and far more intelligently written than a lot of the comments tearing it down. It seems that it's all too easy to insult others over the internet (whether or not it is deserved). A fact I hoped to illustrate by my earlier comments (satire!). Also I am a she, 57!