By randomguy - 09/07/2012 15:09 - United States - Saylorsburg

Today, I woke up after my pregnant fiancée punched me in the face. Apparently, I rolled over in my sleep and knocked her out of bed. She is still pissed about it. FML
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What's with all the pregnant crazy lady FMLs lately?

Hormones:/ don't worry I'm sure she will get over it


Hormones:/ don't worry I'm sure she will get over it

Domestic violence is a serious thing, OP doesn't have to be a victim.

Just play dead OP! It's your only hope!

Maybe it isn't urs

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Fuck you, hormones!!!

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I suggest the couch tonight

What's with all the pregnant crazy lady FMLs lately?

I don't know. And theres a lot of pregnant people in the stores and stuff too

I'm going to hazard a guess here and say that the majority of women were gifted 50 shades of grey by their boyfriends approximately 3 months ago.

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Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed...or floor

could be the heat making them all crazy

Pregnancy is becoming an epidemic!

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Well, here at least, December and January are cold and boring. It leads to a lot of summer pregnancies and the resulting crazy pregnant wife fmls.

Don't forget the husband who was jealous of his newborn son breast-feeding

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Thats wat i said!

50 Shades Of Grey and Magic Mike. Mystery solved.

Its a few months adter valentines day

The question is; did you get the book?

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What are you trying to say or accomplish with this comment?

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I'm saying there baby probably is now mentally challenged

He didn't "push" her. He rolled over in his sleep, something he has no control over, and apparently she fell. I can understand her getting mad at first but to continue to be pissed at him about it is just absurd.

No. It probably isn't. Shut up.

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The domino effect he rolled on top of her thus making her fall off the bed

Sometimes when one is clearly losing, it is better to just shut one's mouth to prevent further embarrassment.

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Please, die.

Time to move to the couch op

Or get another bed while she is pregnant

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Fuck you hormones!!

You're a crazy bitch HORMONES, not alison, HORMONES. it's a girl, go buy some pink shit.

Go **** your bong!

I will go **** my bong! Doggy style! For once

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I'd be pissed if I got pushed out of bed in the middle of the night. Don't worry about it OP, I'm sure she'll realise soon that it wasn't your fault. I'm always irrationally angry at whoever wakes me up at first, until I wake up a little more.

And that's you without all the hormones in you.

Exactly. Even if I weren't pregnant, I wouldn't be thrilled about being knocked out of bed. If I were pregnant, I'd probably be sleep-deprived and hormone-induced panic about the health of the fetus would probably push me over the edge.

Daffodilly 14

Haha true. I don't think I would ever punch anyone in the face

Wait till you get pregnant. All rational thought goes south.

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That was the problem in the first place

It takes many nails to build a crib, but only one screw to fill it.

60- that's awesome man. Haha. And it's too true.

FYL OP its not your fault OP. My sister always yells at me in the morning because I keep her awake at night alot since I sleep talk..

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Pizza and Pickles my friend

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I always thought it was icecream and pickles... cream and chocolate?

Just be happy it was only a punch to the face. If you met some of the ladies i knew when they were pregnant, you would be a woman fearing man.