By Foot In Mouth - 13/07/2016 02:46 - United States - Bentonville

Today, while meeting a new client, their assistant said I looked familiar. Before my brain could stop me, I blurted out, "I do porn." FML
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Do you actually do porn or was that an instinctual joke?

That escalated quickly.


That escalated quickly.

Haha, why would that even come to mind during something like that? Hopefully you didn't lose the client and they have a sense of humor :)

ulissey_fml 22

So it's fetish porn, hey ? Maybe the assistant liked what you did with that foot ...

I see what you did there

Do you actually do porn or was that an instinctual joke?

I'm also curious about this.

And please provide links, for research purposes.

Malsain_fml 10

#16 Agreed! I wonder if it's a girl or a guy!

#16 yes, I'm doing an extensive research on this specific subject. All the research.

You just screwed yourself over.

obvious_lee 9

No, no... that's in the porn.

Why??? How is this a thing that you just blurted out?? Lol

that's a pretty common joke when someone says another looks familiar

This needs a follow up

species4872 19

Sounds like a good thing to say. Did you give the client a sample tape?