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Damn you should kick your own ass for that shit


That is brilliant!

Most tattoo places around me won't do tattoos on drunk people. Which is good for me or otherwise I would be sporting tribal art on the side of my face lol

36-youre lucky. The full back tattoo of Mccoy from star trek that says "ramblin' gamblin' man" on it is really starting to get akward to explain at clubs.

Awe, common. You only live once, mother fucker

Sorry dude, but that is hilarious! This is why English tattoo parlours aren't open that late and won't let you be under the influence of anything!

What's with all this YOLO? The professor represents Hakuna Matata "Hakuna Matata what a wonderful phrase..."

I'm a bandwagoner, and i might be a douchebag.

You should probably get another tattoo saying "YDI"

Well... You do only live once...

Well OP theres only one sollution. Youve gotta go all yakuza on your own ass and cut off your fingers

Well tattoo parlors aren't supposed to give u a tattoo if ur intoxicated because alcohol makes ur blood thinner and u bleed more so idk where u got ur tattoo from

Sounds like a theme of Hangover

It'll probably be the center concept of the next movie, prior to a happy go lucky song leading up to the realization of why they got the tattoo, cinema gold here people.

as soon as I see, "woke up from a long night of drinking", I automatically think YDI -.-

Ah yes, because I'm sure you've never drank more than moderately before in your life, right?

I don't even drink, I'm still a year too young

Damn you should kick your own ass for that shit

I volunteer for the job.

To kick your own ass?

Yeah, I've been a little surly bastard lately in need of some sweet sweet punishment.

Err.... Does that sound kinky to anyone else?

Haha actually that does sound a little kinky

whats a YOLO? i know ima get thumbs down

YOLO means Your Oysters Live Outside... It's a testicle joke.

You Oughta Look Online.

Your orgasm leeks out

Yukon Orangutan Likes Orgasms

I'm going to be the decent person and tell you what it really means You Only Live Once and it is the dushiest thing since people saying lol in a conversation

Guys it's cholo Chu only live once

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You Only Live Once

Yaks Outrank Lemur Orphans Why everyone finds this statement important, I have no idea.

Commence the trolls!

Young Owls Love Olives

YOLO- You're obviously lacking oranges

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Thank u! I have asked this question on a previous post and no one answered.

Google is your friend! But its from that song The Motto by Drake. Personally i just want to punch everyone in the face that says YOLO.

Your Old Lady's Ovaries

You're on legos-Ouch

I am personally thankful that Drake made up YOLO. Until that I thought I lived twice. Thank you for that eye opener, Drake. Thank you.

You Obviously Love Oreos!

Threw a pencil in class YOLO

You obviously live online.

Actually Drake didn't even make up YOLO. He stole it from Mac Dre in his song All I Want to do. Just a fun fact for anyone who wants to know.

You only lack originality.

YODO, because YOLO is too mainstream.

Yolo! Yolo! You can't punch me!!!!!

33, I think you meant: Today, I announced that, after asking what something meant on FML and receiving no answer, I had to wait for someone else to ask the question to get the answer rather than just looking it up myself. FML.

Wow. Urban dictionary mofo

#55 Fuck drake, suicide silence said you only live once first.

YOLT. You only live twice

Oh man..suicide silence for the fucking win.

He didn't 'steal' it. In the song he says "Rest in peace Mac Dre" so he's acknowledging the fact that Mac Dre said it first. Like in Bedrock when he says/ references "Girl I gotta watch my back, cuz I'm not just anybody" is originally sang by Aaliyah.

Nigha have u been living under a god damn rock?! It means you obviously love foreal everyone knows that

YOLO = stupid saying

Went for an untouched enemy care package in mw3 YOLO

LMAO!!! I can't stop laughing!

Why are we downvoting the good people who don't know what YOLO is? They haven't been exposed to its' stupidity. We should look up to them.

i bet someone said it before them

120 - He asked once on this post, then thanked the person who gave him an answer. How is he lazy and "waited for someone else to ask?" please inform me.

Your Ovaries Love Omelets

95- no its you obviously lack originality.

#121 yeah but drake made it popular and most of the people know it because of him. #129 thanks for pointing that out. After listening to the song as many times as i have, i never even noticed that part.

You obviously lack originality

You're only liked online

Yorkies Obsess Like Octopi (Octopusses?)

Mike Only Finds Olive

You Only Live Once YOLO

It doesn't matter cuz u can't understand what suicide silence says.

Too bad the equivalent of punching on FML is thumbing down.

:( Damn Op get those removed, I can't stand people who say YOLO.

It's as if it is an excuse to be a douchebag, *screams bomb in an airport* "yolo".

Not as bad as people who say Rachet

LMAO. And also, FYL. And while I'm at it, BLT, because fuck you. Douchebag.

BLT... Big loose turd? That's a bit harsh don't you think?

Actually, I was going for Bacon, Lavocado, and Tapkins.

Come on, no one else but Aradia here remembers the BLT FML? It was one of my favourites. XD

I'm going for bacon, avocatoes and napkins.

I remember it, because it sounded so good I made myself one! However, I just served it on the napkin ;)

lmao :) that's pretty funny! My friends have YOLO tatted on the front of their shoulders.. They were also drunk.

Oh god!!! Yolo.... The worst phrase to use on here besides "you mad, bro?" lol, you're an idiot op... prepared to get ripped to shreds by the FML community for this stupidity...

Oh god I can't stand "you mad bro" ugh!

I know... It's so over-used...

And pretty much all communities except for the douchebags. Quick, add to the humiliation by getting hashtags tattooed on your thumbs. Go all in so in a decade you can enjoy your joblessness in all its purity.

37 Is obviously mad bro.

9) The next time he is drunk, he is going back to the parlor and having "U mad bro" inked on his forearm.

If you would like a complete list of useless shit that's probably gonna get you thumbed down from hell check docbastards profile. It's almost all there

Dam that's funny and stupid