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Today, I was looking at tattoos and fell in love with a really cool looking one, so I decided to get it. I later showed it to a friend who is a cop. He informed me that it is a gang tattoo. I think I just put a target on my ankle. FML
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That's why you never, ever get a tattoo out of a book. Always pay the extra to have it designed for you. It's worth the extra money.

You can try to embrace your newfound gang, what's the worst that can happen?


That's why you research your tattoo and find out the meaning of it BEFORE getting it permanently etched on your body...?? Tool.

That's why you never, ever get a tattoo out of a book. Always pay the extra to have it designed for you. It's worth the extra money.

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You may as well shave your head and tattoo it on there too…represent! :P

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Then what is the book there for?? You will always have generic hearts and skulls and doves and roses. I figure at least check the portfolio of done work to see if you can live with this kind of art on your body before you end up on a certain icanhascheezeburger page.

Every tattoo place I've been too don't make you pay extra to have a design custom made for you.

32, the book of tattoos is to give people ideas, and because drunk people usually don't have a design in mind when they stumble in for that spur the moment tattoo.

The book is there for a reference point, and for people to have an idea of what they want to get. And every tattoo studio I've been to charges a fee for the artist to design you a tattoo. I was an apprentice tattooist at one point, I sort of know these things.

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I've never gotten a tattoo from one of those "reference" books (why are people going to a tattoo shop without an idea of what they want to get, anyway?) but I've never been charged an extra fee for custom work. I've never even heard of that. And I have a LOT of custom work done. Maybe just your specific shop had that rule.

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It's not so much as getting a tattoo out of the book but researching what it means. Or asking a friend for opinion. Or even waiting a few days to make sure you really want it. The whole, spontaneously get a tattoo thing is so overrated. Most of the time, the people who get it, regret it later. I got mine spontaneously BUT I already knew what I wanted for 4 years but had never really made it a priority. Mine actually means "trust" in Sanskrit and I'd researched it for the longest to make sure I had the proper spelling, etc. couldn't me happier! :)

I've never been charged extra either for a custom tattoo; I've never even heard of that. I have 5 pieces and I've been charged for their size not for being customized.

Where I live they generally charge you $50 to design your tattoo at most shops. Perhaps that's just a thing they do here? I don't know but it wasn't just specific to the one shop.

I thought the books were so you can see what the artist has done and how their style is so you can decide if they're the person you're gonna trust with permanently marking your body, not so you can pick something they've already done and have it replicated. Are we talking about different books? Usually the generic stuff is on the walls, or everything is custom.

I'm referring to all flash art books. Tattooists generally have their own portfolio, yes, but they also have a fair few folders of flash.

I thought it was illegal for a tatoo artist to give a tatoo to anyone they believe is intoxicated.

Well, if tattooing drunks were illegal, most of the tattoos in Tattoo Nightmare wouldn't exist, which would make it a whole lot less interesting... No?

57's profile: 102 FMLs posted?! How pathetic do you think you are?

62, the sad part is that out of those 102 FMLs, only 2 were confirmed. "Today, my FML was denied. FML"

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-32 roses skulls and doves can also be part of gang tattoos.

why is everyone thumbing down GothicAngel? she used to work somewhere. just because it's not how it is where you are makes it invalid. where I live there's a ton of tat places. one of them charges a bit extra for custom designs but the rest are based on size and location. for example inner lip, where I live, is always at least 100.

put a question mark after invalid. it was supposed to be interrogative. sorry.

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67 - With that logic, you could say the same thing for GothicAngel assuming that all shops charge extra, just because of where they live. I didn't notice at first that you live in Australia, GothicAngel. I'm assuming it is a different set of rules than over here in the US.

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65, part of. But I doubt page 17's #39 generic heart tattoo IS a gang symbol.

62- I've had this account for about three years. Of course I've posted a few FMLs

45 is that hand/arm up your shirt or in your a$$ cause that's what it looks like especially with that look on your face.

Fail...always have something designed just for you. You are unique, your body is too...your ink should be just as original. YDI and FYL

I agree. If you're going to get a tattoo, then get one that's means something to you personally, not just one to say, "Hey, look at me, I have a tattoo".

With my latest tattoo I found a design I liked and asked the tattooist to make one significant change to it so that it was unique, no extra charge and many tattooists enjoy the challenge of adapting an image rather than just making a new one. Also it sound like the op just picked something off the wall in the shop. That's just lazy, spend at least a few hours on it!

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Most tattooists HATE doing those pre-made designs from the book. There's no creativity in that. And if you find an artist who does like doing those, go to a different one.

You can try to embrace your newfound gang, what's the worst that can happen?

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^ I think #4 was being sarcastic...

14, you have to stop crouching. That joke just flew right over your head.

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Looks like you'll have to start repping your blood homie!

where pants or longer socks? :) I hope you get it removed quick.

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I don't know, where are the pants and longer socks?

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KM96 24
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6, I don't think you can 'remove' it once it is put on. It is embedded in the skin. I have a natural tattoo on my hand from injury falling on sharp ice and mud has been trapped on my hand skin and I can't wash the mud out. You can cover up or laser the ink to fade it, but I doubt taking the receipt back to the parlor for a refund actually works. Anyone deserves it for getting a perm change to the body without really thinking or researching.

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I wouldn't suggest to remove the tattoo because it can be expensive. Just chop off your leg.. xD

Oh yes, fabulous idea, that may even be less painful, lol

Saves him an arm on the usual price. Get it? Arm and a leg? I just ruined my entire, poorly written joke by explaining it? Alright.

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Lesson learned op never get a tattoo just because it looks cool.

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try telling that to my boyfriend. He wants to get a tattoo that says "not the american average" because it has the word "American" in it. "Not the American Average" is a song about a prostitute.

yousuck44 11

Also, the band who sings it are from York (like me ^_^) in England, so it really is not very "American" :L

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These days people turn symbols that had meaning behind it into something bad and it's hard to tell what's good. I would just ask around next time

Your comment reminds of something my friend told me about the swastica. She told me it was just another design idians put on their pottery. (And if I spelled swastica wrong and the grammar nazis attack, oh the irony)

I heard, Hitler adopted the swastika from seeing it in a catholic church in Austria.

I used to want to get a tattoo of the mathematical symbol for therefore, but apparently that's a gang symbol, too. You can never be too careful when you are putting something permanent on your body.

19, I believe they took the Hindu symbol for 'peace' and flipped in around. Rather fitting, don't you think? ;)

the swastika was actually a budhist sign of peace. Hitler just tilted it 45 degrees and it's now a sign of well you know, everything that the reich believed. edit: i didnt see the comment saying the same thing i did. sorry everyone

Screw them! Don't let some lowlife thugs intimidate you into doing or not doing something, it's a free country!

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LOL, what? She accidentally inked herself with a gang symbol, not accidentally initiate herself into a gang face-to-face. OP can just their tattoo redesigned.

I don't think opposing gang members are going to ask if it was an accident. She should get it redone.