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Today, I showed off my new tattoo to my friends. Too bad it says "Walk Earless" now instead of "Walk Fearless." That's right, I'm now supporting Van Gogh. FML
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Generally, you should go to a tattoo artist that can spell to avoid such things as this happening.


Generally, you should go to a tattoo artist that can spell to avoid such things as this happening.

YDI for wanting a tattoo that says Walk Fearless.

Even if the tattoo artist can't spell, he/she will usually sketch out what is going to be done so you can approve it. I have no idea how people let these tattoo spelling errors happen.

My friend has the wrong "your/you're" tattooed on her neck, I feel embarrassed for her.

You should also generally take more than a glance at the imprint of the tattoo before the artist starts inking you! How could you not have noticed a missing letter before giving your consent to start? YDI.

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44 - I agree that OP deserves it but depending on font and position maybe a glance in the mirror didn't show it obviously enough. Plus you always tend to see what you want and expect...

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I used to walk fearless... Until I took an arrow to the ear. Now I walk earless.

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This is one of the reasons why I would never get a tattoo. You could end up going to a dumbass who can't spell and you're branded with their mistake for the rest of your life. Or at least until you have the money to remove it.

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#91 - You do realize not all tattoos have letterings, right? You can just get a drawing if you don't want to take a chance of misspellings.

91- I have four, albeit small tattoos and not one of them is spelt wrong or screwed up, simply because I took the time to make sure it was perfect. It's not that hard to give a shit when you know it's going to be there for quite some time. Research it, check the spelling, double check it again and actually communicate with the the tattoo artist. No problems. :) I'd also advise doing what #1 said: Research the tattoo parlor and artist as well. Hygiene is important. :p

^ Lmao! And in saying to double check it, I type out "the" twice! Well, that kind of undermines everything I just wrote! :D If only I had gave a shit, and it mattered.... ;)

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Haha, someone needs grammar Nazis in life. But, it's ok I like to walk earless sometimes also.

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I used to walk fearless until I took an arrow to the knee !

71 - My point was that the OP should have taken more than a quick glance at the design before actually agreeing to let the tattooing begin, although I do understand people seeing only what they expect! But if somebody wants to put that much faith in a stranger and only expect perfection they can't really complain if the tattoo comes up short.

I always see people wearing tattoos of Asian characters. Once someone thought the word for 'weird' meant 'hope'. That's another reason why you should make sure it doesn't say something stupid before you get it, OP

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hahahahhaahhahaha lolololol c'x at number 74! made my day. :D

i may not e the brightest of the bucn but even i double checked to see my tattoo was spelled correctly, maybe it was because a mexican was inking me up. who knows.

I'll never understand how people don't check the spelling of the tattoo artist. If you don't check, it's your fault

all tattoo artists should be subjected to a spelling bee before receiving a license

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So much love for van gogh in the doctor who series!

Dr who rocks!!! whoever thumbed down your an imbecile -.-

Says the imbecile that doesn't know the difference between your and you're.

Head grammar Nazi eh? Did you proofread your own work?

zakkyzebra 11

Doctor who? Haha geddit? Gedddditt? ... Ok I'm leaving now...

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Walk fearless wouldve been gay anyways

Van Gogh is so sexy. He's a damaged artist, that committed suicide. Thats so sexy ;)

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I'm going to sound like the biggest nerd ever but that was seriously one of my favorite episodes with Matt :D

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mine too~ we watched it in art class, I was so proud =u=

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I love Doctor Who! I have a TARDIS cookie jar (she makes the noise!) and both David Tennant's and Matt Smith's sonic screwdrivers. :D

On the bright side, I heard Van Gogh was one cool guy.

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I heard he was pretty depressed.

He inspired Mike Tyson too!! Poor Holyfield.

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You also now support Jenkins...Is that too much history? Maybe?

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Hahah i don't know why that made me laugh

Umm.. Why can't OP just have the F added now???

There might not be enough room to add it.

It also looks like the e is capitalized in earless. So op could either have it say "Walk fEarless" or "Walk FEarless" either way, it would look retarded

Also a word starting with two capital letters looks kinda weird.

If op ever got lazy try could remove Ear.

If the E in earless is capital, kinda seems to me like it was messed up deliberately.

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Lol how come you didnt check to see what it said? Or if you did, how does a tattoo change to now become another letter?

Probably because when OP checked the tattoo it was, you know, TATTOOED on.

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Was that seriously just asked? /facepalm

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I did catch the "now" part, like maybe it changed in between OP reading it to showing it to his friends.

Well it's not my tattoo, so obviously I'm not going to have an answer for that.. Maybe you should ask OP the answer to that one. Who are you to judge what someone else should think is meaningful? Cue thumbs down from all docs little suck-ups!

"Stfu grammar Nazi." Remember proper punctuation is key. ;)

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then wouldnt it all be in caps? "STFU" and isnt there a comma after "remember" ?

rallets 22

also i guess grammar would be capped too, what ever happened to all the good GN's? these new ones suck :/

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73- Actually, no. The comma should be after "stfu".

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oh those dang alabamians and their drunkin tattoos. yee haw!

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Ouch, you might wanna speak a little louder next time.

*See's tattoo, then see's that you still have ears* Seems legit...

Why are you always drowning in a sea of -1s?

Because people on here have no life/hold petty grudges.. I find it funny really