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By  MoonyIce  |  0

It was likely just some animals having sex. When they're mating, a lot of animals - foxes especially - can sound rather horrifyingly like a human in distress.

  FireNinja  |  3

I agree with #1. how is it a fml? so what you where woken in the middle of your sleep by some strange crying in your property in the middle of the night.

if anything I'd say the OP got scared because of this.

SCARDY CAT! be a man and grow a pair.

  MQ_was_here  |  0

Okay how the hell is this not creepy? Maybe because of my culture it's literally in my blood to be scared of spirits and whatnot but this would have scared me pretty bad. But then again like someone pointed put, it could have been an animal in heat. Or you could have a whole set of entities living outside your house. =/

  MQ_was_here  |  0

Btw, Ed Gein, the dude who was the inspiration behind "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" used to live in this crazy-small town in WI and the houses were miles apart. Now of course his neigbors had no idea he kept carcass's and skinned-up furniture in there.

I'd be scared. Very, very scared.

  iheart655  |  0

ohhmyyfuckingggod that's reallyy creepy..because I've heard that kidnappers use the sound of a crying child or running water to draw people outside! hope you are ohkay, op.

  akotus  |  0

its an FML because this means they have:
A) A stalker
B) A mental issue
C) A serial killer
D) A crazy person living under the floor boards >.>
E) Some other sketchy thing

think about it before you say its not an FML

  blahthing  |  0

^This. Most people who hear a crying child/injured animal (or anything like someone needing help) will come out to help the poor thing. It's not that hard to get a recording and stick it at the door step.

It's just plain creepy if there are no houses nearby.

EDIT: this was supposed to be a reply to #31 :/

  agsilver  |  14

OH MY GOD YOU PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS! it's an FML because someone in his neighborhood Is maybe being hurt so badly that their screams carry at least a mile! and he could be next. DUH!


That's how a serial killer killed woman. The lady thought there was a baby outside, but it was actually a recording, when the lady would go outside the killer would strike.


freak the fruit loops out? haha. I'm tottally saying that instead of just "freak out" next time.
"Gosh, my teacher freaked the fruitloops out when I didn't do my homework"
"jeez, no need to freak the fruitloops out cause I stuck your toothbrush in the toilet!"

lol. fruitloops ftw! :D

  peasonearth  |  8

because it's known for serial killers to lure their victims out with a tape of someone/ a baby crying so they would come outside and then be kidnapped or killed. lolol