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Today, I went to the supermarket to get some Easter gifts for my kids. At the register, I was verbally abused to the point of tears by the cashier, for having way too many items for the 12 items or less lane. I had 13. FML
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Complain to the manager. That's over the line.


theberndttoast 8

11 It was sarcasm.. I gues he didn't use enough exclamation points for you..

I don't know I mean the cashier just made OP cry... That's good service but if we're going for great they should've just thrown the stuff away and still charged.

I can't believe an employee is allowed to talk to customers like that. It was one freaking item. I'm thinking the employee is super OCD or has other issues going on and let them all out on OP. Complain to the store manager and you'll probably get a giftcard and an apology from the employee.

Strange, German people have been known throughout history as a kind and tolerate group.

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I actually fired a cashier on the spot for providing similar customer service once.

Someone doesn't understand the meaning of the comments section now do they.......

#11, I thumbed you up! I thought you were trolling, and I liked!

I was joking lol. Thanks. I'm banned because the site can't take my comments as jokes.

its okay OP! tell the cashier to shove it!

The cashier is just trying to help preserve the justice. First you take 13 items into the express lane, next you're running naked down the aisle stealing everything in sight. I've seen it a million times.

#33 I want to go where that happens..... On second thought it will never be the one you want to see.

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#3, I dare you to bitch at me for miscounting my items. I'll make your life hell.

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I'm not sure if my comment was misinterpret, but I would bitch at you for having 16,17,18 items in your cart. Any customer would complain if there was a large amount of items in an express lane. However, I'd never bitch at someone for having thirteen item. I was saying I'd bitch too but not for thirteen items! And I definitely wouldn't make someone cry.

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84-No, I'm not a cashier, however I use to be. Sure, on a slow day, you can let people get by with bringing 6 or 7 or 8 or, maybe even more through the express line. However, if you've ever been a cashier you would know that on a busy night before a holiday, letting 17 or 18 items go through a express lane would only cause problems.

Agreed, 84. I wouldn't waste my time with such trivial matters when there are bears to deal with.

You never bitch out customers, ever. I'm surprised you would keep your job after! You can refuse them service but giving them attitude? No way in hell. I'd fire your ass in a heartbeat.

I would always politely ask them if they have/had less then 10 items. I would leave it to the rest of the customers to "bitch them out" as it were. My favorite ones are the ones with a full cart but claim they have less then ten then make you scan ten items and pay 6+ times. I would try to explain it would be faster to just let me scan the whole thing and pay once but talking to customers is like talking to a brick.

If a customer is a couple over the limit and it's quiet, I don't care. If they've got the same amount and it's busy, I'll process the order anyway but firmly remind them that they're over the limit and to be mindful in future. If they bring a full cart through Express I'll turn them away no matter how quiet it is, simply because there's not enough room for it. Express checkouts in grocery stores are usually half the size of Regular. I simply have no room for more than three bags on my counter and that won't even make a dent in a full shopping cart.

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It's one extra swipe on the belt. I dont know why you would bitch at someone for that.

And cashiers complain about rude customers? Why bitch, she was over one item, it's not the end of world!! Don't be a bitch

96 - What's 12 6? You probably should know..... but I really don't think you do...

Complain to the manager. That's over the line.

No, clearly over the line is having 13 items.

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I bet the extra item was like a creme egg. Something small that got lost in among the other stuff.

You sir have a bad opinion. Go back to your chicken coop. You've been a bad chicken

I agree. Its not that hard to read a sign and follow instructions, i hope the op doesnt have kids or if they do they teach them to not disregard instructions.

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17 - it's sort of obvious the op has kids.

17- Did your parents not teach how to read? You just made yourself look like an idiot. Ha! "Not to hard to read a sign". Wow. I guess my first point is correct.

So the people who follow the rules get thumbed down? Even if I had 13 tiny items I'd go to a regular line if I was over the limit by 1. I hate people who hold up the express line cause they are over the limit, it defeats the purpose.

It bugs me, too. This one guy had 26 items in a 10 items or less aisle. And you never know how big or small the toys were

One item isn't going to kill people. I disagree with people who take an entire shopping cart full, but the cashier could have kindly said, "Ma'am or Sir, you have too many items. Please go to another isle." That wouldn't be too hard, now would it?

The express lane is mostly there so people don't have to wait behind those with an entire fortnight's worth or groceries in their cart. Most cashiers don't care if you have one or two extra items, because that isn't going to hold the line up. And even if the cashier wasn't happy with the OP, doesn't mean they should have reduced her to tears.

She / he lost the argument with the cashier and is looking for sympathy from FML. Who is to say she / he didn't back talk the cashier? in today's world it wouldn't be surprising.

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regardless of the size if it says 12 items 12 items it is. It's not like you can have 13 small things or 5 big things. 12!

First of all OP's a pussy for crying over a grocery line and secondly if your gonna break the rules, expect criticism. When the speed limit says 50; means 50. The cop won't care about what you have to say about it. Grocery line says 12 not 13, stop making excuses YDI

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Ain't nobody got time for that!

You're not funny for using a pointless meme here.

189- First of all, crying is a sign of strength, it shows just how much shit you've had to put up with to be reduced to tears. Second, a cop is not going to pull someone over for going 51 in a 50, just like that extra second it would've taken to scan another cream egg wouldn't have gone noticed by anybody except obsessive idiots such as yourself and that cashier

You know how those cutthroat express lanes are...

It was probably one of those thug granny cashiers...

Complain to their supervisor and get them fired OP. they'll think twice about verbally abusing customers.

People are beyond obnoxious. That cashier should eat a bag of poop for easter