By Anonymous - 07/01/2015 01:26 - United States - Washington

Today, I spent an hour in a snowstorm waiting for my bus to show up. After I got fed up, I decided to just clean off my car and drive to work. After I was halfway finished swiping off the snow and ice stuck to my car, the bus drove right past me. FML
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Why the hell didn't you just drive in the first place?


Why? Because he/she didn't stop to see if the person clearing snow and ice off their car wanted to ride the bus instead?

well at least you won't have to wait for it going home?

Mother natures way of saying use a sick day and have some hot chocolate

Shouldn't have stormed off and just kept your cool OP! :P

Hope you got to work okay OP. Probably just wasn't your day unfortunately!

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and there he stood. and now he'll stay.

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the cold never bothered OP anyway

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What do you call 'waiting for an hour' then?

Normally, I would agree with that statement. However, Op did wait an hour in the cold.

Why the hell didn't you just drive in the first place?

Because it's a snowstorm? I abhor driving in snowy conditions.

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Sometimes it doesn't work. Bus schedules are always outta whack when snow is involved.

11- the bus was most likly unexpectedly late because of the snow..

Hah! When I lived in Miami the buses would be an hour late on a sunny warm day most days. Snowstorm delay time for any normal city.

waiting just an hour for a bus is pretty patient, actually