By Smokey9 - 25/07/2011 15:12 - United States

Today, yep, pubic hair is still flammable. FML
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Shouldn't ********** so fast. Hair+friction=explosions.


Shouldn't ********** so fast. Hair+friction=explosions.

adropofpeace 8

Still? Why does that make it seem like this has happened before... what's going on in YOUR pants?

That's what happens when you're too cheap to Italian wax.

You, made my bad day better. Thanks. =3

Lighter uses Flame Wheel. It's super effective.

saaaalt 4

Everyone stop by and get your non flammable pube hair $9.99 per inch for a limited amount of time! A deal you can't turn down!

Good thing it only last for about an inch

Raidernich 0

Next time, don't ask your gf to smoke your pole

purplepizza21 0

I had a hard time clicking this....

iLOLatURpain69 7

Is he nuts? No, he's insane.

Dude!!? You serious?! Thank you. Damn it's absolutely amazing how strangers give you the most easiest ways of getting rid of that bush, I got tired of trimming it!!

Op must be a scientist. Just because it happened once, does not mean it will always happen right?

Alysin 14

how did this get past moderation?

hellbilly205 17

Today, l had a hard time clicking on this fml. FML

socalduude879 1

On some type of smart phone too? :

Hookers lighting your pubes on fire when you don't pay's, uh, actually...happened to me before...giggity.

I hate trying to click these goddamn small fmls..

Exeedingmango 0

Just because your hair has the word pubic in front of it, Doesnt mean its not Flammable.

Sunny_Eclipse 6

43- Hell yeah Pokémon reference.

sheisdagirl 0

hahahaha so tru so what were u doing for that to happen masterbathing with a lighter and didn't realize it was near ur area...? or were u ******* it? cauz that would leave a nasty burn?

tyty22796 0

haha thts prob what happened

Masterbathing? Is that what happens in a master bathroom? What happens in the master bedroom, then?

oreobunbun 3

**** YOU, that's what happens.

DarkMoon159 5

that's what happens when smokey the bear isn't paying attention

maybe tomorrow it won't be flammable... why don't you try again

HondaKidd 5

they should have a rule that FML's should be atleast 3 rows long or something. I almost gave up...

What the ****. That's all I've got. Anyone else?

obviously not enough lubrication. so his hand is causing tooo much friction, and yes it's happened before....

TheRealHouse 7

Mine are always on fire.. Kinda like ghost rider..

*still* as if there was a chance it would change lmao

No, 18, that equation is incorrect. Even without the hair, you'd still get an explosion anyway. Just a different kind, that's all...

smgboo 0

This might be the second time he's done it..... The FML says "STILL Flammable"..... In which case, YDI OP because unless you have pubic hair made of onyx it is going to catch on fire....

Was it just me or did it take a lot of effort to click on this FML via iPhone?

NastyNinja31 0

cocaine is a hell of a drug

TaylorTotsYumm 10

117, that would've been so much funnier if your profile photo had been of Rick James.

You wanna know what was a bitch? Getting to the coments on my iPhone -_-

Kennzz 0

hell yeah.! I had to wait till other fmls were above it.

NikkiFlysKites 8

You can go to the comments of the FML above (or below) and there are arrows at the top that take you to the next/previous one.

Kennzz 0

he must have balls like geodude to try it the second time

Well, I suppose there's a fetish for anything.

apparently you need to buy a razor to shave your pubes.

sockmunky 3

OP's name goes with this FML.

OP's name goes with every FML, everyone notices. Stop being an attention *****.

Not true sometimes its random, so calm your ****.

let's be honest, it normally matches the FML or something or true intelligence like 'HEhsjsuskbs'

sourgirl101 28

The OP can choose what name they want to leave when writing their FML. It could be their stage name or..... one they made up to go better with the story.(:

this FML gives a whole new meaning to the term fire crotch...

mcgugs 0

Yup..only you can prevent forest fires. :P

slynoble32 11

wow dude way to go i bet u cant get a gf at all asshole u should be mean to and female its not the thing to do thats how u die old and horny

slynoble32 11

any female* haha i fail when i spell

sockmunky 3

wow 88 i didnt know me saying a simple thing made me an attention *****...thanks for clearing that up for me & your profile says you dont want to why insult someone? ******* dumbass

Thecarpaltunnelo 0

OMG EVER HEARD THE NAME FIRECROTCH?? op is totally a ginger!!! I get it now !

OMG EVER HEARD THE NAME FIRECROTCH?? op is totally a ginger!!! I get it now !

110 - very nicely done. Very nicely done indeed. (clap clap clap)

Madiluvsyuh98 2

and uhh...what were yu doing?

maybe it was an accident... tho probly not...

I was wondering the same thing, must of missed the memo.

When you cover it in asbestos. Personally, I'd take flammable pubes over Asbestos Crotch (try saying that with a mouthful of vodka and potatoes) any day.

it's not flammable now that it's gone...

in his case, castration is THE safest...

.... And someone else didn't either, seeing you didn't use correct grammar.

Coming from someone who can't spell their?

@23 f*ck off, do really really think I'd give a sh*t? (if this posts twice blame by internet.)

#23, **** off, do you really think I'd give a shit? (If this posts twice, blame my Internet.) Just sayin'

lol fine: Man, everyone else can say f*ck. Every time I do I get moderated. :$