By OfficeDroneWoman - 23/07/2013 17:16 - United States - Gaithersburg

Today, we got a new employee at work. I said hi, and told her that if she needed help figuring out our computer system, then to give me a call. She promptly accused me of sexual harassment and filed a complaint against me. FML
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OfficeDroneWoman tells us more.

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OP here. Some of you noticed it said "woman." Yes, I'm a woman. That's why her complaint made no sense. Glad to report, though, that after a couple days HR got back to me and said I was off the hook, and told her that if she makes any more accusations like that, she'll be fired. She can't even look me in the eye now.

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Bitches be crazy

That's gratitude, for ya. No good deed goes unpunished.


br00kr 22

Wow just wow

...would you like to retry that comment?

People who rush to get the top comment... I love to hate them

SwaggCapone 11

Yeah I'd definitely avoid her at all cost OP

Doesn't it say OP is a girl? So technically OP could fight back by saying she isn't into women

br00kr 22

I just said that because I am shocked by that. I didn't rush to get first comment so please stop raging at me.

br00kr 22

Love how in your profile you said you love all your comments to be uplifting.

We all love how you accuse us of overreacting when youre the one who checked someones profile to make a comment against them

So any man could do the same thing? "It's not sexual harassment, I'm gay"

br00kr 22

And who are you? Unless you are one of the people my sister harassed yesterday and the day before I am dreadfully sorry.

Starcatch77 20

The old "my sister/cousin/friend was on my account and said weird/mean things" excuse. A classic.

#14 right! if your going to be the first one to comment, at least make it worth getting a thumbs up on!

Bitches be crazy

"If someone's USB gets stuck in your port, give me a call. I'm with IT and an expert at putting things in and out of stuff!"

here mam ill put my floppy in your drive

Kn0wledge123 21

Too bad it's still illegal to slap stupid people.

SwaggCapone 11

Yeah I'd avoid her at all cost OP

If this girl acts like this at work, which is scary, think about how she is outside of the work place. If/when she goes out, imagine a guy just saying, "Hi." She'd have a bouncer kick the guy out for being too aggressive towards her. Yikes!

That's gratitude, for ya. No good deed goes unpunished.

Niceness has become so rare it's sometimes mistaken by flirtation

I've unfortunately been mistaken for flirting with people when I was being nice, too. So you are completely correct, friend!

are you coming on to him?

65 and 66 are correct. If you offer a helping hand or being nice, it is considered flirting. Why can't people just thank the people offering help instead of accusing them that they are being hit on? They should feel so lucky someone is willing to give them help.

Epikouros 31

I like to thank people by offering to lick their genitals, but my kindness isn't appreciated either.

You'll truly never know, will you, #107? ;) I don't even know. I was trying to be funny, but I don't think I quite got there. Where's my damn coffee? It's too early for me to think this hard!!!!

To me the only reason niceness is rare now is because of stuff like this. So I agree with the people who so say niceness is taken as flirtation nowadays. It's so hard to be nice.

Don't tell girls at work you wanna show them **** on the computer, bad form.

He didn't...


These two replies highlight all the worst types of comments on this site: the ignorance of sarcasm followed by a superfluous correction that does not improve or add to the conversation. I should also include this comment, which in the end, is just useless criticism of others.

I think the gender of the OP is important in this case.

rg350dx 29

As long as you didn't make any references to making your floppy disk a hard drive, I really don't see the problem.

Steve95401 49

OP is a woman, by the way.

rg350dx 29

Run a sniffer to see if her ports are open.

rg350dx 29

Help her practice her fingering so she knows how to work sticky keys.

#5 haha three-in-a-row don't know how u do it! Respect.

Rg350dx just ended all of our careers

Haha right. I feel useless. Now I'm gonna have to think even harder!

If you work there a while i bet they'll believe you over the other person. No worries OP

She sounds just a bit touchy. I'm sorry OP, you'll get around the bogus claims though.

Maybe she's one of those girls that think everybody wants them.

This is a possibility, but still doesn't warrent unprofessional behavior

Oh I understand that, but I'm just saying "bitches be crazy".

Maybe she just likes to make lawsuits, so she never actually has to work. She could also just love causing trouble for other people.

Miscommunication. Sucks to suck, OP.

michael666 7

shut up.

hcollins1 18

And that comment just happens to come from a girl wearing pretty much nothing.

I think she's a troll. And that she doesn't actually exist. But you looked!

#39, I agree, why would someone choose to put something like that as their profile picture on a public site like this anyways...smh!

hcollins1 18

#62 exactly! Then complain that they get all the wrong attention, oh gee. I wonder why. Lol

Sheesh! People seem to have forgotten what it is for someone just to be nice to them with no hidden meanings behind it.

simplysarcastics 26

I agree its like you cannot be nice without people thinking you want them. Smh

Or honk. Whenever we're out, my friend flips off cars that honk, because she thinks they're honking at her.

I can't see how kindness would warrant accusations of sexual harassment.

Because some people take politeness as, "I think you're so hot and I want you."