By Anonymous - 19/03/2009 16:41 - United States

Today, I had just reached in my purse without looking to grab a granola bar when my boss walked in my office. We talked for a few minutes as he kept giving me strange looks and looking at my hand. He left and I realized I hadn't taken a granola bar out, but a tampon instead. FML
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a tampon doesn't feel like a granola bar, it's thinner and round..

FYL more when you realize where your granola bar is.


Hahaha that is pretty humorous! Why didn't you look down at your hand sooner if he kept giving you strange looks?

it's just a tampon for gods sake! your a woman, and woman need things like tampons

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...Wow. You should've just glanced at your purse first, then back at your boss.

why would you take out a granola bar if you werent gonna eat it? you didnt realize it was a tampon when you tried to bite it?

a tampon doesn't feel like a granola bar, it's thinner and round..

I so know what you mean. I have work at 7:30 and there are times that I don't even know why I just said what I did lol

ya idk know if this is really FML worthy, its a tampon every girl uses them, now if u pulled out a vibrator or something(how u would mistake that for a granola bar idk) that would be humiliating.

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Not really an FML, it wasn't super embarassing and it was just a tampon it could have been a maxi pad.

Uh. A tampon and a granola bar feel pretty different...

That has happened to me! I was actually in class and I didn't want the teacher to think I wasn't paying attention, so I was looking up at her, meanwhile searching in my bag for a pack of tissues. Instead I pulled out a pad and looked down and noticed after the large group of guys behind me started laughing hysterically. It was terrible, I totally feel for you.

Sophomore year, i pulled my notebook out of my bag and my toiletry bag fell out on the floor. I forgot to close it last I had it open and everything flew across the floor. 20 kids in that class and 15 of them were guys. I didn't think I could turn that shade of red

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but if you're just reaching into your purse and trying to find something, you grab the first thing that remotely feels like what your looking for. i guess i could understand that...

Why dont girls simply put things they do not want to accidentally grab in plastic bags in their purse? If you did this then problems like yours would never happen