By Oh_Well - United States
Today, I finally had time to talk with my boyfriend. We had a nice long conversation, which included him telling me how much I meant to him and that we really need to see each other more often. He concluded the speech twenty minutes later with "Which is why I really hope we can stay friends". FML
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  frenchboy95  |  2

That is completely untrue, #7. Every single ex-girlfriend I have and I are still great friends, and I'm currently in a relationship. And all my relationships are quite romantic.

  boone_fml  |  0

There's nothing immature about not wanting to be friends with someone after a relationship.

FML for having a boyfriend that dumped you but is trying to still be friends. Forget that.

  SoreThroat  |  0

I guess he gets points for honesty, however it sounds like he gave her an effing speech that didn't sound like he was breaking up with her...just to end it with, "Which is why I really hope we can stay friends." That can suck quite a bit. Though it is better than him flat-out TRYING to be a jerk about it.