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Today, I went to a football game. During a time out, my face appeared on the Jumbotron during the Kiss Cam segment. I was sitting next to my mother. FML
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Should've act like you didn't notice and went to the bathroom


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Be happy you got a MILF

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It's called kiss cam not makeout cam. Just give your mom a big wet one on the cheek and laugh like everyone one else who's having a good time.

Put the lotion on the skin, unless you want the hose again!

haha I was thinking the exact same thing, did he?

Are you too old to kiss your mom now?

31- Are you too old to kiss your grandma? I want grandma cookies.

Today, I was at a football game with my son, when we appeared on the kiss cam. I was just going to give him a peck on the cheek. He grabbed my head and slipped me some tongue. It was the most action I've gotten in years. FML

X3liteXHunterX 12

Gross dude.

43- not gonna lie that's kinda disturbing :/ lmao

What's worse, 55? The fact that OP has an Oedipus Complex or the fact that I had to fill in the blanks for the less imaginative crowd? Note: I know that nowhere in the FML was anything said about an Oedipus complex, so don't go up in arms. I'm only kidding.

Hopefully, you and your Mom did not continue the action once you two got home after the game.

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43- you're joking right?

How old is your son?!?

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just peck her on the cheek

That would've been my comment too. And I'm sure everyone else's had you not been the first.

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Ohhhh isn't that sweet!!!

Haha, for some reason I read this at first and thought "Kiss cam" somehow related to the band KISS, and I was like wtf what do they do on a KISS cam, air guitar? lol

Dude, I just woke up, and I thought it said "my 'kiss' appeared on the Jumbotron." I was like WTF?

Should've act like you didn't notice and went to the bathroom

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Haha win! Epic :)

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Nobody said they had to like romantically kiss eachother. She couldve just leaned over and gotten a motherly peck on the forehead from mom. (I went to put the punctuation for couldve but I can't remember where the apostrophe goes =_=. I'm so ashamed)

could've ;)

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Thanks :)

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At least you didn't say 'could of' :)

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Could 'have' not of

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Well could have would be the same thing as could've but could of is just plain wrong. If I ever wrote that I'd kick myself in the face.

Why would you guys downvote mclaren4 and upvote

A kiss on the cheek would suffice.

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She's talking about the previus comment.

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previous *


Wincest? This isn't a Supernatural related fml lol

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Spiderman took care of that a while ago

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Supernatural. BEST. SHOW. EVER!!!

Unless you kissed her on the cheek

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Its really not that bad.. Give her a nice kiss on the cheek and the camera would have moved on. Unless people start chanting for more.. Then yeah, that would be awkward

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Any chance there was a really hot chick your mother could have switched seats with in a 3 seat radius? That would work =P

Did you give ur mom a kiss on the cheek???

It's your mother... just give her a kiss on the cheek!

Thats what I was thinking, not a big deal.