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Today, I was at a football game with my son, when we appeared on the kiss cam. I was just going to give him a peck on the cheek. He grabbed my head and slipped me some tongue. It was the most action I've gotten in years. FML


What's worse, 55? The fact that OP has an Oedipus Complex or the fact that I had to fill in the blanks for the less imaginative crowd?

Note: I know that nowhere in the FML was anything said about an Oedipus complex, so don't go up in arms. I'm only kidding.

  airforce987  |  20

Haha, for some reason I read this at first and thought "Kiss cam" somehow related to the band KISS, and I was like wtf what do they do on a KISS cam, air guitar? lol

By  herpitydurteedur  |  0

Nobody said they had to like romantically kiss eachother. She couldve just leaned over and gotten a motherly peck on the forehead from mom. (I went to put the punctuation for couldve but I can't remember where the apostrophe goes =_=. I'm so ashamed)


Its really not that bad.. Give her a nice kiss on the cheek and the camera would have moved on. Unless people start chanting for more.. Then yeah, that would be awkward